The detox juice had become very popular drink all over the world, because you can add all the ingredients what you hate and mix with the ones you like, this way you can drink it easily and consume lots of nutrients. Now i’m going to tell you why I have chose: oranges, lemon, ginger, kiwis and spinach for my detox juice.

Spinach – contain a lot of nutrients, spinach has high percentages of the daily values of vitamins and minerals, spinach is easy to drink, good for diet it also helps you to loose weight, boost your immune system.

Spinach gives a lot of vitamins and minerals for your body: folate, magnesium, iron copper, B (2,6) also E, C, potassium and calcium.

Kiwi– it helps maintain a healthy weight, kiwis are a good source of dietary finer, helps Fight cancer, boost your immunity. Vitamins of kiwi: A, C, calcium, iron, potassium, K, copper, E.

Ginger– stimulates digestion, the helps to increase the body ability to empty food from the stomach more quickly. The quicker you can digest your food, the faster your body will absorb the vitamins and minerals from the foods.

Lemon– high in vitamin C, consuming lemon appears to reduce the risk of many lifestyle related with a health conditions.

Orange- helps fight a number of varieties of cancer, boost immune system, orange has a lot of vitamins: C, B (1), calcium, potassium, finer, folate.

For this drink you will need:

  • 2 oranges
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 piece of ginger
  • 2 kiwis
  • spinach (100g)
  • coconut water

Wash all ingredients well and pat dry, cut fruits and vegetables, don’t forget to remove any peels, place all in a juicer.

After your detoxification, your body will have better digestive function and will make you feel lighter.

Toxins affect the body’s ability to burn fat, leading to weight gain, thats why is important to clean you body and get rid of them.

I m drinking this detox juice every Monday the reason why i’m having it on Monday is because on other days i’m having different drinks. Do not take it on empty stomach, drink it after your breakfast or while you are eating.

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