Depression. Living with depression it may become to heavy to carry on. Depression leaving for you negative feelings only: sad, lonely, sad and tired. Welcome o the club, you not the alone, i was there a while ago. I know ones you get sucked in to it, you may be not able to get out soon as you would like too.

Doctor can subscribe pills for you, but on my experience it didn’t worked the way i was expecting them too. I can say that, because i have tried many different treatment, but one day i just couldn’t wait anymore the pills just didn’t made a magic what i was waiting for. Pills made me even more tired and a bit hungry, i barely could get out of bed, well sometimes i just couldn’t that is completely normal.

Is normal to feel bad, some of us feels this way less, many people has it, they just don’t want to talk about it. You have the way out, you can heal it and i’m sure you will get better very soon.

I suggest for you to try self treatment, as it did worked for me, i hope it will make some changes for you too.

Doesn’t matters for what reasons you got in to depression, sometimes is just happens without any big shock or particular reason. Stay away from alcohol cigarettes and drugs.

Get all your power together and focus on healthy eating, i know you not hungry and it takes forever to get power to get up and to do something, but put yourself together and eat your breakfast, after you can go back to the bed if you feel like you want too. Eat at least 3 times per day. Breakfast lunch and dinner, try to keep it healthy, bad food may make you even more depressed.

Sleeping is depend on depression some people sleeps a lot and even more then they need, others just cant sleep. If you are the sleepy one, take a coffe after breakfast try to focus on something: movie, book, you can try to take a shower if you like, well i didn’t had any motivation for showers, but i read some good books, you can also try to motivate yourself to go for a walk in some beautiful places. While you are dealing with depression you shouldn’t work, talk with your doctor and explain for him all the situation.

You should take from 3 to 6 month off. It takes time to pull yourself together and get back to life. If you are the one you cant sleep is different rules for you, everyday after breakfast your should do cardio, exercise and take hot bath or at least worm shower, it will make you sleepy and tired. Take huge healthy lunch it should also knock you out a bit.

Try to sleep by day at least from 1 to 2 hours.  At evening if you cant sleep watch something interesting on computer or tv until you feel asleep, you can also read a book thought. Take a cup of tea camomile make it stronger add two bags instead of one. Regulate your healthy diet and sleep, eat healthy while your are sick and to balance your sleep is very important step as well if you really want to heal.

Now you can start to think what are you worry about, way you feel this way, find the reason, maybe is no reason, you just got to tired to run everywhere: work, home, kids, you just can’t anymore, you need a break, so take one. If you have different reasons like someone diet or you broke up with girlfriend, boyfriend, moved to different city alone and many other reasons too.

Take your time to thing about everything, start meditation and yoga. It will clean up your mind, soul and body too. If you don’t know how to start meditating and yoga at home, you can subscribe for some lessons. Learn until you will be able to do it on your own.

Start exercising regularly, choose the particular days and particular time, try to don’t skip your planning. As you see now we have a little routine already. Sleeping, eating, yoga and meditation, working out. Get back in touch with people who cares about you, let them know what you are doing, tell them you are going to gym, yoga, talk about the book what you are reading at the moment, give them some news, you have been gone a while.

Job. If your job makes you feel bad changed it, you can find something else, even if they pay less, but gives more positive energy, it’s worth a shot, just give it a try. Your health is the most important thing in life, the rest comes after. Don’t be a shamed to try even 4 different jobs ,8 if you need too, just go on until you will find your place.

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