Never understood the need to “spend” enormous amounts of money on a wedding. If as much time, energy, and determination was spent on the “commitment” to the marriage instead of to “the show”…I wonder what the results would be. Hmmm

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  1. Yep People Buy
    the Wedding
    Clothes And
    A Church NoW
    Yet they Forget
    of HeART
    A LiViNG
    SPiRiT A
    LoViNG SoUL
    Naked without
    Any of THaT OTHeR STuFF aT all..
    In The United States ‘We The People’ Have
    A Nickname for that
    Other ‘Stuff’
    some of
    us at
    We See
    And Hear the ‘Trump’..;)

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    1. Hello my beautiful friend, thank you for reading so much it means a lot to me, now i’m going to read your post as well🤗hugs and have a great weekend🤗

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  2. My neice and her husband got married by a justice of the peace because, at the time, they had no money. When they got on their feet financially, then they had their big wedding.


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