Who said you had to wait for the perfect moment?

You can create the perfect moment yourself. What color your life will be, depends only on you. So it depends on you and whether you cherished beautiful thoughts, flowering, or rotting.

Never know which day may be the last one, especially this year will try to remind yourself this day, because I actually started to understand, not just heard the phrase, so why not suddenly come to the sunset to get into the car and do not feel it?

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Thank you my friend Laura for correcting my mistakes in this posts, well one day i hope i will nail this language😂❤️

Чувство вдохновения, даже когда я больнaя

Кто сказал, что тебе нужно ждать идеального момента?

Вы можете создать идеальный момент самостоятельно. Какого цвета будет ваша жизнь, зависит только от вас. Так что это зависит от вас и от того, лелеяли ли вы красивые мысли, цветение или гниение.

Никогда не знаешь, какой день может быть последним, особенно в этом году, постараюсь напомнить себе этот день, потому что я на самом деле начал понимать, а не просто услышал фразу, так почему бы не прийти на закат, чтобы сесть в машину а не чувствуешь?

(илона пулианаускайте)

Se sentir inspiré même quand je suis malade

Qui a dit que vous deviez attendre le moment parfait?

Vous pouvez créer le moment parfait vous-même. La couleur de votre vie ne dépend que de vous. Cela dépend donc de vous et de la beauté de vos pensées, de votre floraison ou de votre pourriture.

Je ne sais jamais quel jour est le dernier, surtout cette année, nous essaierons de vous le rappeler, car j’ai commencé à comprendre, pas seulement à entendre la phrase, alors pourquoi ne pas venir tout à coup au coucher du soleil pour monter dans la voiture et ne le sent pas?

(ilona pulianauskaite)

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    1. I think sometimes , it is better to prepare well and be ready to receive the answer to be inspired … Example , you could eat the fruits or sell the fruits of a tree when they ripe …This what I know and it is not procrastination but intuitive and rational insight at the same time …

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      1. Yes, in some things preparation and planning are a good thing and even necessary, but many things don’t need that and lead to procrastination instead of doing something and time lost can never be regained.

        Aimé par 3 personnes

  1. I think that many people wait for the ‘perfect’ moment, and it never arrives. So sad! You can spend a lifetime waiting, and never realizing that the perfect moment is the moment you choose.

    Aimé par 2 personnes

  2. I agree with you on one thing but another thing to do is choosing the best timing you could without being too quick to act without awareness or to slow to reap the benefits of your intentions and plans …
    If some fruitful trees have hanging fruits , you could not take the fruits neither too early before riping naturally not too late that thr fruits get spoiled . You feel with your intuition or 6th sense , plus the mind plus your 5 senses what is right or better for you …
    As mentioned in a post on my blog that life is a balance between action and non-action , between holding on and letting go and between being , thinking and doing …


  3. SMiLes.. Before i Lived a Life of Art then..
    Yes.. Remember i was a Government Worker
    for 25 Uears A Real Stiff kinda Guy Really
    Serious that shouldn’t still be hard
    to see with my Huge Head
    i come from a Long
    Line on my Father’s
    Side of Watch/Diamond Makers
    in Germany.. Business Folks
    in France And Yes Priests
    And Cops From Ireland too
    All who tend
    to Enforce
    the Rules
    tick tock
    tick tock
    True there are
    Some Famous
    Watch Makers Still
    In Germany With My Last
    Name and yes my Grandmother’s
    Family Rainsford from Ireland even
    Providing Housing to make Guinness Beer
    By the Pint no Less hehe.. on my Father’s Side too..
    Anyway my Friend
    Back when all i AM
    Was/is Cold Hard
    Logic Just
    A Rule Maker
    Enforcer And Judge
    mostly then.. all the Down
    Days including Sick Days i really
    Hated but now i only turn them
    into Art True i Marry ‘the Night’ Loving All Days Alive..:)

    Aimé par 1 personne

  4. Great tought. People gind some excuse to themself i believe. Me included sometime i guess. Need to go for it and stop put to tomorow what u can do today

    Aimé par 2 personnes

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