In the modern world, the goodness of most people is seen only when it is given to them, and when it is needed by others, they stand on their own side and only watch. Today, people are accustomed to doing more evil than good, as evidenced by some articles on websites or in newspapers about people’s relationships with others.

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В современном мире доброту большинства людей видят только тогда, когда им это дается, а когда это нужно другим, они стоят на своей стороне и только наблюдают. Сегодня люди привыкли делать больше зла, чем добра, о чем свидетельствуют некоторые статьи на сайтах или в газетах об отношениях людей с другими.

(илона пулианаускайте)

La bonté

Dans le monde moderne, la bonté de la plupart des gens ne se voit que lorsqu’elle leur est donnée, et lorsque les autres en ont besoin, ils se tiennent de leur côté et ne font que regarder. De nos jours, les gens sont habitués à faire plus de mal que de bien, comme le prouvent certains articles sur des sites Web ou dans des journaux concernant leurs relations avec les autres.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

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  1. Lovely photo of you, Ilona ❤️ I can tell that you really love nature. I think it’s greed that fuels people to do evil things. If everyone decided to self-actualize and follow the principles of philosophy, then the world would be a much happier place.

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    1. Hilary from where all this huge supportive power coming from? You are supporting my blog i think every single day and every single posts, i’m so thankful you have no idea, sorry, those day i have been busy and i answered very shortly, but it means really a lot to me, every comment of yours, every read of yours and every like of yours, THANK YOU❤️also thank you for the compliment, it is very nice of you to say. I dont know why people dont like minimalism, my house is pretty empty well, i have my statues everywhere, but without them is like almost nothing here😂i like to keep it empty, i think less we have, less we need to take of, less we need to clean and it is so easy to clean when you dont need to put up all stuff for dust cleaning😂i cant even think in some places where is mess or to many stuff around, less greed, less stuff, more happiness, aren’t you happy when you can find easily what you need in your house?

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      1. It’s blogging that makes me want to create a better version of myself and it helps me manage depression. You give me inspiration to be a better person. And I know that if you can do it, then so can I. I read your posts daily to help make life meaningful. Not only physical wellbeing, but mental well-being is SO important to a person’s overall health and wellness.

        Minimalism is a long journey and I feel like I have barely made progress. I started decluttering 2 years ago and still have a long way to go. Today I sold a MacBook that I was no longer using. Last week I sold a tablet that I wasn’t using. Knowing that these things are going to better places helps me let go of them. It brings me joy to see people using these things instead of storing them in a closet like I would have done in the past.

        I’m still losing things in my house like my keys and my phone 😂

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  2. i feel there is more good than evil happening, but it does not make for interesting news so one hears of the evil more as it sells.
    i feel we keep the good closer to our hearts and the bad at the surface like dead skin to be flaked away often.

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    1. Good morning my intelligent friend, thank you so much for reading my blog, you have no idea how much it means to me, or maybe you do and whats why you are reading it😄but why does bad news always more interesting? I’m even avoiding the news on tv and or on the news papers, because i dont want to hear it😄i want to wear my pink glasses and to imagine, that everything is so good and beautiful, but well, sometimes ii have to take them of and to face some real reality, which i hate to do😂

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  3. You are so right Ilona, the bad in the world seems to just be getting worse all the time and people are just keeping to themselves, they don’t want to get involved unless there is something in it for them. There is still a lot of good around, good people, but still it is getting less and less and many people don’t want to share that goodness anymore. Great thoughts, keep sharing them!😃😺💛

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  4. Where every Body Knows Your Name
    And there is Comfort of Friends
    Empathy Lives Yes Sympathy
    And Compassion Copious
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    Warm and
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    1. My beautiful friend from beautiful Florida, you are Hulk and you are powerful, but your support is even bigger, i’m very grateful, THANK YOU!!!🤗

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      1. F
        Goodness Gracious i remember 2 Years
        into the Hell of 66 Months back in 2010..
        so lost the only place i went
        out of my home
        so cold inside
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        still going to the
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        on the Radio i Heard a Song by Katie
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        no Song too
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        may Fire
        a Soul in Hell
        for even one second
        of Relief in Hope.. i reMember
        That in every word i sing and every step i dance..
        All the Love i Give and Share this TSuNaMi will not stop.. Loving now..:)


    1. Hello Hello, my lovely friend from happen, copy past to your blog answer questions and post it, follow the rules🤗hugs, have a wonderful weekend🤗

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      1. Hello, yes i’m, i’m on my way to reason to comment your blog, i hope you will do same for me, have a wonderful Saturday my friend❤️

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  5. There will always be good and bad people, it’s a choice we make and it requires courage to be good in this world full of greedy and evil people
    But what piss me off that most people nag that no good people around them and the moment they meet a good person, they start to think how to use them and hurt them 😕 that many people trying hard to not show how good they are so people don’t use them
    Stupid people and stupid world

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