You can’t compare your life with the quality of life of other people only, if you do so have the motivation to change something in YOURSELF.

Don’t let your fears come over you.

Forget the past and stop drilling back.

Счастливы и здоровы

Вы не можете сравнивать свою жизнь только с качеством жизни других людей, если у вас есть мотивация что-то изменить в СВОЕМ СЕБЕ.

Не позволяй своим страхам овладеть тобой.

Забудь о прошлом и прекрати сверлить.

Heureux et en bonne santé

Vous ne pouvez pas comparer votre vie avec la qualité de vie d’autres personnes si vous avez la motivation pour changer quelque chose en VOUS.

Ne laissez pas vos peurs vous envahir.

Oubliez le passé et arrêtez de repasser.

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  1. Good morning Ilona!! You are so right, if we compare ourselves to others we will just be miserable. Everyone is special in their own way. And we should never dwell on the past. Be happy with who we are and what we have, and happiness helps our health as well. Great post here Ilona!!😃🌞💛😺

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  2. fear is necesary
    drunk is a fool
    not taking
    actions to protect your dignity
    and your safety
    your words
    are wreckless
    not all are welcome
    all are my brothers and sisters
    and yet
    i hate so many of them
    and you would wonder
    and i would say
    you are correct
    to laugh at me too

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  3. SMiLes my Friend we are innately
    Born with two Fears only and those
    are falling and loud Noises every other
    Fear is Learned based on the Neo-Cortical
    Construction of Time.. Distance and Space..
    these fears
    for many folks
    as the Years go
    by some other words
    for this are increasing
    Levels of stress that when
    Negative is just another Word
    For Fear yes Generalized to
    Chronic to even Acute
    Flight and
    that will totally
    eventually Destroy
    Our Soul of Love While
    Living if we do not find a way
    out of illusory fears that yes have
    real consequences in the Clothes of Culture
    that we all make together to either free us as
    Naked Born on with almost no Fear or the other
    Place where Fear turns into Hate and Love is no Longer
    our place
    of Soul
    Alive to
    be so free
    just to give and
    share where no longer
    are we any less or more
    we are only Love who gives
    and shares Chalice always over running more.. as Love..:)

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