First we creating our habits and after they creating us. Is very important what you choose, because you choose what you become. But we have the possibility to make mistakes and the opportunity to change it.

Every morning we choose our mood, what kind of clothes we will wear today, lets put happiness on, it’s always fashionable. Do what makes you happy, stay with people who makes you smile, don’t try to be better than others, but try to be better than yourself yesterday.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Сила психического здоровья

Сначала мы создаем наши привычки, а после они создают нас. Очень важно то, что вы выбираете, потому что вы выбираете, кем вы становитесь. Но у нас есть возможность совершать ошибки и возможность ее менять.

Каждое утро мы выбираем наше настроение, какую одежду мы будем носить сегодня, давайте наденем счастье, это всегда модно. Делай то, что делает тебя счастливым, оставайся с людьми, которые заставляют тебя улыбаться, не пытайся быть лучше других, но старайся быть лучше, чем ты вчера.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Pouvoir de la santé mentale

Premièrement, nous créons nos habitudes et ensuite, ils nous ont créés. Ce que vous choisissez est très important, car vous choisissez ce que vous devenez. Mais nous avons la possibilité de faire des erreurs et la possibilité de les changer.

Chaque matin, nous choisissons notre humeur, le type de vêtements que nous allons porter aujourd’hui, mettons du bonheur, c’est toujours à la mode. Faites ce qui vous rend heureux, restez avec des gens qui vous font sourire, n’essayez pas d’être meilleur que les autres, mais essayez d’être meilleur que vous-même hier.

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  1. So very true Ilona, great advice! Try to be better than yourself yesterday, I like that one. We shouldn’t try to copy others or be better than others. Concentrate on being ourselves. And we do make choices each day, so why not choose to be happy, it’s something we can do. That’s why I stay away from mirrors as much as possible, mirrors are a good way to be unhappy!😂 Are you back home or still out?😁🌞

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  2. SMiLeS A DiFFeRenT ‘Mood Ring Shirt’ For
    Every Day MaKinG new connections in
    Heart Spirit Soul Yes Total Mind
    out of just Reasons
    too.. (Dampening
    the Neo-Cortical Slave
    once again as Healthy
    Servant of Larger Mind
    And Body in Balancing
    Flow sure Moving
    and Still
    Will BRing this
    Flow Lighting us
    up from head to toe
    A Real Christmas Tree Living
    Now all around inside and outside
    as Within becomes the PreSent Now
    Heaven Now) hmm.. that was/IS A rather
    Long Parenthetical Statement but yes better
    Yet than ever now when Heaven is Eternally
    Now Within.. what else.. yes.. there is no less or
    more in Heaven only all the way up even more to
    Give and Share for/to others.. Who could or would possibly
    Compete against others now when one is already in the
    Charge off Happiness within yes Waves of Frequencies
    Higher Vibrations Dance And Sing a Lovely Dance And
    Song of Colors even more as Positivity iN Light A Synergy NoW
    of Energy Force to give and share even more.. hAha.. not everyone
    makes it to this depth of Heaven but yes NoW
    when arriving like this one will Rise Higher
    Even Surviving
    And Thriving
    iN ‘Trump Town’
    USA Now to Bring
    Light of Dance at
    least (as no one is gonna
    much understand a Bible
    as deep as Humor and Loving
    Life and all the Sensual Parts
    Free that will come too) but Yet oh yes
    they will Feel Us move/dance a vague
    Feeling will Sprout there may
    be some other place than this
    place in Hell
    now it
    even one
    day perhaps
    become a place
    like Nice in France
    So far away from the
    current (Redder Neck
    Riviera) that they Exist
    in now in Hues of Orange
    at the Very top of Fear as Hate
    expressed against those Humans
    who are different in the way they present
    themselves as Culture and the Fortunes they
    may or may not have acquired in Love in both
    Social and Economic Status too.. but the Number
    one thing really to make the World Spin more in Love
    as Humans come and go is simply be Kind Yes be Nice
    to everyone smile sincerely as much as we can and will
    reach out a Hand to the Homeless person and indeed they
    may only
    teach us
    us the
    riches of
    Love Within..
    Smiles my Friend
    where i live i will always
    be Homeless in this way now
    until change of Unconditional
    Fearless Love Lights my Land again
    the Home of my Soul is Different for it is
    the Light the only Light that counts the Love
    we may feel Proud to call God both Fearless and Unconditional
    For all the Force the Frequency the Synergy of Vibrations the
    that We
    Dance and
    Sing to Lift each
    other up the Greatest
    Mental Health Pill Faith within
    in Hope of Love to Give and Share
    more in the nicest and kindest ways of A SMiLe For All..
    Smiles my Friend where i live throughout my life and some
    days online too people have tried so hard to Cut my Tree of
    Love in Art and Creativity down to just THeir size of Love
    it was much harder to maintain ‘my size’ of Love in
    Hell before
    i really
    to Hell
    yes where i live
    used to be called
    Scratch Ankle for the
    Briars on the River Bank
    Where i Lived in this small
    Mill Town as the Lumber Men
    came upon the Banks but before
    that yes it was literally named Hell…
    i do my best to make this Place Heaven
    instead of Hell but all we will do at best
    is Color our Heaven Love And Give and Share
    it Free to/for those who receive thE LiGHT over DarK..
    Some of Us Are CAlled this way some of Us See A Great
    as day
    out of
    the Darkest
    Nights Day LiFE Love (God)..
    Love IS A Best Mental Pill NoW
    oF aLL WHerE LovE(God)Lights Us All..
    Best oF aLL iT is not only ReaL iT IS A Real
    Experience of Feeling Sensing Now An onLY
    Present that reAlly counts now just now to/as Love..:)


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