Thank You so much Michelle for nominating me, she is very nice and kind person, always has what to say and her blog is amazing here is the link


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What do you like most about yourself? I’m very honest, even when i’m angry, i show it and i express myself at the moment, even if it hurts someone, but i think is very important to let it out, because other wise i will carry all those stones inside me forever, honesty and real emotions in my opinion is the best way to go 🙂

What weird talent do you have that no one knows about? Weird talent? I’m a weirdo myself😄

What is the most used app on your phone? I barely use them, for now Word Press app i guess 🙂

What song do you play on repeat? I like to change always 🙂

I’m keeping her questions:

My nomines are:


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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. Hehe Keep The Song Changing
    And Do Do Eccentric truly
    it is An in
    thing to
    Do Just
    Sing Look it
    up Eccentric
    is the New ‘Black’
    And sure ‘Evolution Orange’
    As People Set themselves Free From Vanilla..
    SpeaKing of Change perhaps
    i shall change
    Your Nickname
    From Ms. Hugs
    to Little Ms.
    At Least
    The Signs
    on Your Blog
    From all these
    Blogging Sunshine Awards
    And Rewards Are TRending This Way..;)

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    1. Thank you😄❤️well i should think more about other people feelings, because sometimes i just say something what i regret 1second after🤐

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