You can’t make it up to everybody at the same day.

There going to be angry people, because you didn’t had time to answer their comment or to read their post.

If you not active blogger, you wont be able to build your blog in few month, it may take few years.

I find out, that shorter posts has more views, more likes and more comments, because in today’s world people rush all the time.

You wont get support if you are not supportive, you have to let people know about your blog, but not by spaming, by reading and commenting only.

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. Very good advice Ilona!! Yes, I think most of the time shorter posts are better, depending on the topic, some things just take longer. I’m trying to adapt mine to a shorter type post, hard for me though! But you are right in all you said for sure!😃🌞😸

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  2. True dear. And i feel if blogging is a hobby, its okay to slowly build readership with writing that comes from heart than rushing to get something out. I am enjoying it so far, reading and writing! It feels good to connect with on this level where u don’t really expect anything from each other.

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  3. I agree. Maybe serialize your posts. One could do short posts that tie in to the next one. Take a big post and make tree of it, and you’ve covered the morning. Yea, good job ilona.

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  4. I like the serialization idea that @Eugenio had. An idea that came to mind: you could do motivational Monday, ask me anything Tuesday etc. for each day of the week. This way you can schedule posts for times you don’t feel like writing. Good luck! 🌺

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      1. That’s why I choose to write longer posts and post less frequently. I check in daily to comment. My posting is less predictable but I can’t post everyday – it’s not possible for me. It’s a lot for ppl to expect you to be active all the time, and they should understand that you’re busy 🌺

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      1. I post the things I like. I have been blogging for a very long time and have gained many friends. Some I have even met. For me to blog is my outlet. I blogged for a long time without anyone reading etc. I am happy others follow etc. But it is not why I blog. It is not a business or to promote my photos or life views. It validates me, to me.

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  5. SMiLes.. hAha
    if i was LooKinG
    FoR A TaRGeT
    i would
    Found my Soul…
    SMiLes my FriEnd…
    Online IS A Tool to Write and Read…
    The Flesh and Blood Life is ReAlly Real..
    i find myself
    i spread
    i Bring
    Joy to
    for free
    it makes
    me Happy
    So i Sing too…
    i don’t expect
    anyone to hear my
    Song but in my Church (Soul) i Do..
    in other Words it gives me a Break from all the ‘others’ noise..;)

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  6. Readers will read posts no matter how long they are but most people here are not readers and most of them think that blogging is just saying all what they want to say and expecting people to read while they don’t give a shit about what others write
    This os not blogging this is making speeches at its best 😁 I will stop before I get too honest

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    1. 😂😁what i meant it was, that some posts are really very huge and it takes a lot of time to read and when you are trying to make it up for everyone, it gets complicated❤️you know?😁Yours is not long by the way, but i have seen really some huge ones plus they added youtube videos took me like40minutes, i m not able to spend 40minutes on one posts, if i read 10posts a day, which takes40minutes it will take all my time😁

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      1. I didn’t take it personally 😊 I know what you mean but I insist when you want to read, you will just read and you don’t need to make it to everybody, it’s not feasible at all plus many pretend they read your content but they do not actually and I know who reads and who doesn’t
        But got your point and time is very precious so spend it only on the content that matters
        I spent lot of time reading content for people that don’t follow me or read my blog but I’m interested of what they write
        Have a great day 😊❤️

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      2. I didn’t, i understand what you mean, i know what you mean when they pretend they read, at the very beginning i had like 5 views and 15comments from different people and it means 10of them just wrote comments from the blue without even opening the post🤐

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    2. Unless readers are not only other bloggers, than it would make a better sense? I was thinking how to find readers, which are not others bloggers, but for now i dont know how to do it yet😁

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