I have been nominated by this wonderful writer Snigdha Deka, please check her blog https://soulsearcher.life, she is very nice as a person and her writings are very meaningful, thank you so so so much for nominating me, i’m very happy to answer❤️

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  1. What motivated you and still inspires you to start blogging? The results and the progress what i get back on my blog, also i have to many thoughts i like to release them no my blog🤗
  2. Which is your favourite book and why? « Autre monde » by Maxime Chattam, because its fantastic it make me travel each time i read few page
  3. Which is that one song currently stuck in your head? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XleOkGsYgO8&list=RDXleOkGsYgO8&start_radio=1 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgFyi74DVjc&list=RDXleOkGsYgO8&index=3
  4. Three things you would love to do on a rainy day? Kissing under the rain, remove my shoes and socks and enjoy it fully, run in to the water and feel the life, also to read good book under the cover with a hot tea on the side.
  5. What is that one food in the world that you cannot live without? Mangoes.
  6. If you could travel somewhere right now, where would it it be? INDONESIA
  7. Which do you like more- Dreams or Reality? I like to dream and i like to make them happen, every morning i’m waking up and chasing them, so i like to dream, but i like to make it happen❤️
  8. Love in one word? Everything.
  9. What do you do to make yourself feel better when you are having a bad day? First what i do, i slept myself, i punish myself for feeling and thinking this way, than i put some good songs on the side and i sing loud, until i feel better, also dancing helps, calling for a friend and talking about some nonsense until we laugh from such a stupid conversation😂also i like to take walks with my friends and with hot coffee in our hands, i like to talk, it helps me to feel better❤️
  10. Which is your most embarassing childhood memory? Lying to my parents, than they already knew the truth and they were catching me on my own words😂
  11. Three ways you would want to bring more happiness and peace to this world? stoping war, water and food shared in all the world, i would burn all the banks as well, because they gave debt to people and debt means depression.

This time i’m not nominating others, i will keep to myself😂

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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      1. Worst the before, well, i barely can talk, my voice so locked😄was busy day, i slept only few hours last night, did you got some stalkers at your window again?😄

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      2. Was difficult because my face so tired and so dark under eye😂but i think it is wonderful look for horror movie, what do you say?😂

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      3. They hate smiles, so😂today i guess i did good job😉😂😁well i still was smiling a bit🤗yes i saw, but now i will prepare my huge unhealthy dinner😂after i will send you my part🤗oki?

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      1. There was two that stuck out for me. I loved what you said about making your dreams happen, which is a very positive way to look at life and the world would be a much happier place, if everyone stopped bickering and got on. So I certainly agree with stopping wars. Fantastic answers!❤

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