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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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      1. You know how I feel about NOT commenting LOL I just think it’s respectful even if it’s short. I love your posts though so yeah I will always comment unless it’s very late. then my spelling isn’t the best 🙂

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  1. Most Likes in a Day..
    1059 is surely a Whole
    Bunch of Folks who like
    What You are doing here..
    So Sorry to Hear you Felt
    So Bad today particularly after
    you really lifted my Spirits this
    Morning and Now that my Indian
    Friend seems to be coming a bit out
    of Her Depression i am very relieved about
    that too..
    as we will
    for our
    in their
    Dark Days
    and Love them the
    Same no Matter what
    as that is what Friend means..:)

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      1. Hi Ms Hugs here is a hug from me.. i Will imagine
        As A busy nice bee from
        Nice that your resilience
        Might get a bit
        Low.. particularly
        With not much
        Sleep and getting
        A cold on top of
        Everything as
        i know so well
        Though from
        Being Polar
        Suddenly the
        Air may come
        Out of the Balloon.. For
        This i am very cautious
        to avoid too much
        Exciting highs
        And try to just
        Float instead
        In Flow not
        Too high
        Truly it is
        Like Dancing a
        Tight rope but it works
        For me.. anyway i am
        A real problem solver
        If i could i would literally
        Erase everyone’s Pain
        But as my Indian
        Friend gave me
        A quote yesterday
        It said stay with
        Those who walk
        With you in the
        Darkness for the people
        Who Love and Care for you Will always be there for You when you return
        Even if it will
        Be a lifetime
        For real
        This way..
        Smiles.. Church
        Is about 4 hours away
        But the Church of
        Love For everyone
        Is Always
        Out of
        My Soul
        It’s blood.. sweat
        And tears.. somedays..
        But always an exercise
        In Humility that
        Keeps me from
        Getting too
        Down again..
        People look at
        Me Funny when
        i tell them i have
        The Happy Disease
        But i really do
        For me
        It will
        Be up Up
        And away in
        My Big Balloon
        Was i
        Ever up
        Here in Heaven
        At All so.. i Float
        Like a Tree With
        Roots on solid
        For you
        You visit
        My Words wherever
        You may Find them
        My Friend
        My Nice
        From France..:)

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