Why should a person care about their living environment?

How historically has the human relationship with the surrounding nature changed?

Why does a man ruin his environment?

I’m looking for 3 different people, to do it with me, don’t need to write very long, i usually write short post, but directly to the point, if you are this kind of person as well, let me know and we can glue our thoughts together, i would like to make it today🤗 Feel free to collaborate in French and in Russian languages as well if you prefer, i have someone who can help to translate it in english after all❤️

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  1. The Environment is
    really no Different
    Than Human
    when we
    Lose Empathy
    For it yes Sympathy
    And Compassion Dies
    for both our Nature of
    Love and our Love For Nature
    Wild and Free Now abundantly
    Giving and Sharing more over
    Taking and Hoarding now
    Living Death..:)

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