Get all your power together and focus on healthy eating, i know you not hungry and it takes forever to get power to get up and to do something, but put yourself together and eat your breakfast, after you can go back to the bed if you feel like you want to. Eat at least 3 times per day. Breakfast lunch and dinner, try to keep eat healthy, bad food may make you even more depressed.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Первый шаг по выходу из депрессии

Соберите все свои силы вместе и сосредоточьтесь на здоровом питании, я знаю, что вы не голодны, и вам понадобится целая вечность, чтобы набраться сил, чтобы встать и что-то сделать, но соберите себя и съешьте свой завтрак, после того как вы сможете вернуться в кровать, если вы чувствую, что ты хочешь. Ешьте как минимум 3 раза в день. Завтраки, обеды и ужины, старайтесь есть здоровую пищу, плохая пища может привести к еще большей депрессии.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Première étape pour sortir de la dépression

Rassemblez tous vos pouvoirs et concentrez-vous sur une alimentation saine. Je sais que vous n’avez pas faim et il faut une éternité pour avoir le pouvoir de se lever et de faire quelque chose, mais rassemblez-vous et prenez votre petit déjeuner, après que vous puissiez se sentir comme vous voulez. Manger au moins 3 fois par jour. Petit déjeuner, déjeuner et dîner, essayez de rester en bonne santé, la mauvaise nourriture peut vous rendre encore plus déprimé.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

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  1. OK it’s 3:33 AM now i arrive at
    Your Last Blog Post to catch
    uP oN that is titled First
    Step on Getting out
    Depression as
    True Basic
    Needs Like Food
    And Water and
    Sleep and Human
    Connections and sure
    Reproductive Connections
    too are core to our Basic Snake
    Brain Survival the Lower Parts of
    Maslow’s Pyramid of Human Potential
    And Sure Fowler’s Pyramid of Loving Faith
    too where the top of both Pyramids is Ascending
    Transcending FLoWinG LoVE AGaPE FoR All truly
    Bliss and
    the Capstone
    of the Human
    Potential for Loving
    All of Existence as we
    become one Force of God (Love)
    To Give and Share Free with no Restraint
    now.. Problem though is this place is no
    Space or Distance or Time this Place
    of Love for all is Eternally Now
    all the time constraints
    we construct of Past
    and Future Problem
    Solving now so far
    away from the LIght
    of Love Within to Give and
    Share to all others Free.. so much
    Farther than Just Words in a Book now
    the Energy the Synergy of the Frequencies
    Yes Waves Higher of Vibrations in Positivity
    More.. as we come to Dance And Sing Life all
    Free one with Gravity a Float of Nirvana and Bliss more
    now but yes a Never Ending Practice Where ups and downs
    are part and parcel of Light Comes From Dark now too at 3:39 AM..:)

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  2. Good morning Ilona!! How are you today? This is great advice here, it can be hard to do things, especially eating properly so it is important to push yourself to eat and to eat regular and healthy food. That was a problem I had and at the start I didn’t eat healthy. Once my diet changed it helped a lot and eventually it was much easier to get up and eat regular meals. This is great advice!!😃🌞😺💛

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  3. L’idea è ottima. Mangiare con appetito e sano aiuta moltissimo.
    L’esperienza mi dice che, alle volte, ci potrebbe essere un’intolleranza alimentare ad aiutare la depressione. Bisogna eliminare l’alimento verso il quale c’è l’intolleranza.
    Buon Pomeriggio.

    The idea is excellent. Eating with appetite and healthy helps tremendously.
    Experience tells me that sometimes there could be food intolerance to help depression. We must eliminate the food to which there is intolerance.
    Good afternoon.

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      1. I colori possono essere molto importanti. La loro energia aiuta il benessere. Bisogna solo poter conoscere il colore giusto.
        Buona serata.

        Colors can be very important. Their energy helps well-being. You just need to know the right color.
        Good evening.

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