Stop Living By Thinking That You Have Lack Of Time. You are inappropriately distributing, scattering areas that are really interesting to you.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


Перестаньте жить, думая, что у вас не хватает времени. Вы неправильно распределяете, разбрасываете области, которые действительно вам интересны.

(илона пулианаускайте)


Arrêtez de vivre en pensant que vous avez peu de temps. Vous distribuez et dispersez de manière inappropriée des zones qui vous intéressent vraiment.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

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    1. Hello hello, my first answer to the comments today, yes we have very limited time and we need to cut off time from the things like tv or spending time online, because we lose control of time and at the end of the day nothing is done, thank you for reading, you seems I understood the message🤗have a wonderful day and say hello to Muffin from me🤗

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    1. Happy Monday for you too, mine os inn the bed with fever and bronchitis😄❤️second time this year, i will move to the moon soon, i hope there are not viruses bacterias😂

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  1. All the Time That Ever Exists
    And Ever Will Is Now Either
    We Make Epic Nows
    Or short lived
    Now out of Distance
    Space and Time just metaphors
    really of Heaven when we literally
    And Physically Dampen the Time and
    Distance and Space Maker of the Neo-Cortex
    in a Flow of Transient Hypo-Frontality in an
    Autotelic Generating Way as We Orchestrate
    the Symphony of Beneficial Neurochemical
    And Neurohormonal Processes and
    Reactions Within now
    through Bio-Feedback
    Like Moving and Still
    Mediation that even
    Science Shows Will
    Work Great
    Heaven within
    to Freely Give and
    Share over taking and
    Hoarding with the Rest
    oF aLL oF NaTuRE NoW (God) Real..:)

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  2. Time doesn’t exist. It is not precious. People deep in their time boxes and they stuck in them forever so time becomes mental time for them. As soon as people in mental time they can’t be happy. 😉😉😉

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