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This is so sad, but very true. It is unfortunate that younger generations don’t understand that this is something important, and it seems most parents don’t see it as a priority to teach their children to respect their elders. I mean, even their own children grow up and disregard their parents; they leave them to fend for themselves, seeing it as a burden to care for them. They completely ignore the fact that their parents did the same thing for them. So, their parents made a lifelong commitment to them, just so they could disregard it when their time came around?

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    1. Yes Michal and in today’s world we are lack of respect for ourselves, for environment and for the people as well, thank you for reading, means the world to me , hugs 🙂

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  1. Respect for anything or anyone has definitely fallen by the way side as of late. It is so sad, and it is only getting worse. I am a swim coach and I coach the younger kids, between 6-10. I had a little 7 year old say to his parents, and that was later sent back to my head coach and then to me, that « he doesn’t have to listen to me, or respect me because she is only an assistant coach ». You know this sentiment comes from the parents, and now it has placed me and the team on alert. How can we work with someone who has learned at such an early age that they do not need to respect others?

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    1. I have similar example with people who works at the casher in the shops, i have seen some people acted so rude with them, so if you are working at the casher it means people can treat like a trash? I never understood this kind of mentality, every job its a job and to be disrespected by kids or other adults can be really painful 🙂

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