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This question is so difficult, i’m still not sure what the answer is. I don’t want to lie to myself, i was asking myself again and again, until i finally decided to write a about it. If you don’t like to meet yourself it must be the reason, probably because you are unhappy with yourself, your actions or lifestyle. I hate myself for being lazy, angry, for avoiding people when i’m in bad mood, for being unhappy without raison, sad or impassioned.

If your answer is yes it means you love yourself, you are free from your past and future illusions, you are happy because you living the moment here and now. You have control of your mood and yourself. Your answer is yes, because you know how beautiful person you are, you are not afraid of yourself, you are independent and you don’t need to be around other people to feel good or bad about you.

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      1. I think I can write a whole post about it, meeting myself and telling my own self things. If I met myself and knew all about me, then my first line would be that, don’t stress over small things, there’s more to life, start living ☺️

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  1. Scary question! But it is something we should definitely work on. If we are really honest I don’t think many could answer yes to that one, there is always room for improvement. Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight!😂😂

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  2. How thought-provoking! I think I would love to meet myself when I’m living my best life. Unfortunately, there are days when I’m not, and I honestly don’t know how much I would like meeting myself on one of those days… It makes me think that maybe we should be more kind to people when we meet them, they may just be having a bad day. Great post! 😄

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  3. wonderful post , and I think I would be disappointed of the choices I’ve made, I would say to me , don’t do that or choose that , choose the other choice , don’t be hursh on yourself because it doesn’t worth that much , and it will not pay , your hard work didn’t pay anything yet … Your post is very deep and made me think , have a great evening and by the way you look fantastic on the photo Ilona ❤

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    ♡ Forgiveness or Revenge
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  5. First. Lovely photo! ❤

    For the question. Yes, I will like myself if I met myself. Both when I had so many issues and hated myself and now that I'm finally over my past and accepted my flaws.

    If I met myself in the past, I would like her because I finally have someone who will understand me so good. If I met her now, I know I'll have my best friend.

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  6. The only comment i’ll make is that this one is an extremely wonderful picture of yours, dear. But, you must play a bit with the edit button, since i’m not able to see your eyes. I wanna see your eyes, dear.

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  7. Behind any sadness and unhappiness is always a reason, dear. Most of the time it’s because you don’t feel satisfied. I would love to meet one of me, for sure! I love myself, but it doesn’t mean I am perfect. I am perfect in my imperfections, which makes me amazingly being love with myself. I love all my imperfections because they are parts of me, I am whole with them. I am only one like that in this world and because of this it is zero chances that I would meet me. 😂😂😂

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  8. « Would You Like it if You Met You »
    Interesting Rhetorical Question hehe..
    for many Bloggers as truly they take the
    Minutes or Hours in a Day hAha if you are
    me to Upload THeir Soul Each and every day
    at most or less but still they try for introspection
    for to know one’s soul and be comfortable with
    all of it from
    to all
    Love is a great
    Way to Integrate
    one’s Body and Mind
    Feelings And Senses All
    together as sure it helps
    to free Dance to get to feel
    and sense all of our Mind/Body
    now for Regulating Emotions now
    Integrating Senses but i will tell
    you this for sure if i met my Past
    me when i was Your age.. i would
    surely offer some pointers so they
    would not have to wait all the way
    from 27 until age 53 to Walk Within
    on a Beach in Heaven now with nary
    A Real Worry oF iLLuSory Fears ever again now..
    truly selfies
    help a lot
    to get to
    feel and
    sense the smiles
    and frowns of us..
    And Dancing Videos
    may be Hilarious the first
    time we see ourselves really
    Let Go and Free Dance i am so
    Glad i still have one of those first
    ones on a Board Walk From Memorial
    Day of 2014.. as i’ve really improved my
    Agility in Balance Floating on Earth so much now..
    nice to have
    a record
    too for
    back for
    Self-Actualization more
    and that IS A Joy of Blogging
    for me.. i get to write my own Bible
    and use my own Photo Album as i choose
    and even put my entire life to music too
    to count all my blessings too yes if i met
    me now i would only say keep up the Work Good Job Fred..
    And only remind my self as i always do back when the dark
    days came.. very few stayed with me but one truth will always
    remain there is never any true escaping me as there is for anyone
    else if we cannot love ourselves chances are we will lose our self..
    for when
    goes away
    and gives
    up on
    us we
    are what’s
    left to fend for our self..
    i remind myself of that
    when i am so much kinder
    to me and others than they are to me my Friend..
    i must always sleep with me before and after the
    first and
    beginning ending finishing
    BReaTH AnD BLink oF LiFE NoW..
    So i make the best of every now and if
    folks don’t like it they may choose tHeir own way and just do it too..;)

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  9. Hey Beautiful ! Lovely Post. If i met myself i love the way i take things positively and motivating myself. i am annoying in ways i try to help others. i inspire myself. and i want others to do same. i wish im not wrong.

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  10. I would fall in love if I met me! I wish I can find someone like me actually 🙂 seems arrogant but this is the truth, I worked hard to be the person I am while many people don’t bother to even change, I performed miracles with myself and my personality and still I’ not perfect, but perfection is not needed for love ❤ Have a great day

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  11. I will definitely like myself. Because I’m the only one who would ever understand me. I had my flaws, still do very much and there comes a time in life when I just have to love me. I often shake hands with my mirror image. If I don’t like myself, ah, who will?

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  12. This is a very interesting question. I’ve never thought about this before. Jesus instructed us to love our neighbor as ourselves (Matthew 22:39) so self love is very important. I’ve worked on this over the years so I think I would like me if I met me. However, there’s always room for improvement so I keep striving to be a good person that others would like to be around. Thank you for this.


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