In the modern world, the goodness of most people is seen only when it is given to them, and when it is needed by others, they stand on their own side and only watch. Today, people are accustomed to doing more evil than good, as evidenced by some articles on websites or in newspapers about people’s relationships with others. Hearing only one thing, why in modern times is the spread of evil? The answer is simple it is easier to spread evil than good. Why can’t we think a little and give up our precious time to help others. With the help of others, you start to feel pleasure, and if you do something wrong you never feel that feeling.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Добро, добро и немного больше добра

В современном мире доброту большинства людей видят только тогда, когда им это дается, а когда это нужно другим, они стоят на своей стороне и только наблюдают. Сегодня люди привыкли делать больше зла, чем добра, о чем свидетельствуют некоторые статьи на сайтах или в газетах об отношениях людей с другими. Слыша только одно, почему в наше время происходит распространение зла? Ответ прост: легче распространять зло, чем добро. Почему мы не можем немного подумать и отдать свое драгоценное время, чтобы помочь другим. С помощью других вы начинаете чувствовать удовольствие, и если вы делаете что-то не так, вы никогда не чувствуете это чувство.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Bonté, Bonté et un peu plus de bonté

Dans le monde moderne, la bonté de la plupart des gens ne se voit que lorsqu’elle leur est donnée, et lorsque les autres en ont besoin, ils se tiennent de leur côté et ne font que regarder. De nos jours, les gens sont habitués à faire plus de mal que de bien, comme le prouvent certains articles sur des sites Web ou dans des journaux concernant leurs relations avec les autres. En entendant une seule chose, pourquoi dans les temps modernes est la propagation du mal? La réponse est simple: il est plus facile de répandre le mal que le bien. Pourquoi ne pouvons-nous pas réfléchir un peu et abandonner notre temps précieux pour aider les autres. Avec l’aide des autres, vous commencez à ressentir du plaisir, et si vous faites quelque chose de mal, vous ne ressentez jamais ce sentiment.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. It seems like we are a society that “thrives” on attention. We’d rather do the “bad” things because we get the attention we crave. Truth is- we do not need attention when we do the “good” things. A blessing comes from being a blessing. Karma will make its way to you- regardless if it’s “bad” or “good”. I choose the latter😀

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  2. Good morning Ilona! You are so right, the evil in this world spreads much easier than the good. People don’t want to help anymore, they don’t want to get involved, unless there is something in it for them. It’s true, we do find pleasure when helping others and it always makes us feel good. But people have become cold in their feelings these days, they just don’t care about others or anything. Not true of everyone of course, but it certainly seems to be that way with a large part of the population and it’s in every country. Great post Ilona, something to think about for sure! Hope you are feeling better today and not sick now!😃🌞😺

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  3. We live surrounded by Greedy people. They are so greedy they wanted more of everything >>easily, even if it is evil thing to do and sadly dey dont realise what dey are dng.

    Goodness is the hardest, on otherside evil is the easiest. Isnt it common Everyone wants to go easier way.

    Be Strong to face the hardest and do good, Be Good✨

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    ◇ TimeLines, Experience and Me, MySelf, I

    Yesterday I was that way
    Today I am this way
    Tomorrow I will be another way


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  5. I think it is too much of everything here. The little things are not appreciated anymore. People want more and more and when they don’t get what they want they get into depression. Appreciation is the key. The less of it the less of good people. You know I still believe that good people more than evil.

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  6. SMiLes my Friend Sadly Folks many folks at least
    do not understand that the Social Empathic Cognition
    Connection is Organic and for metaphor this heART
    Must Be Exercised or it verily
    Will Wither Away
    no Different
    Than A Dog Wood
    Tree that is no longer
    Nourished by a Septic
    Tank.. strange example
    but click bait at LeasT hehe..
    True.. Trust no Holy Books without
    Humor.. Romance.. and Basic Lusts of the
    H. Condition too for these all contribute to
    the Social Empathic Cognition that Glues
    Human Beings in many ways.. hmm.. ever
    notice how in Traditional Bibles and the
    Such there is little to no humor true
    clue that the Folks who wrote
    the Books were not fully
    Human and
    not Qualified
    to Write those
    Books for God is A
    Laugh and Love more
    than Frowns and Fear Less
    all stuff related to misery loves
    Company leading to Hate and
    Eventual Violence and Killings too..
    anyway that’s why before i Started Writing A Bible i went
    to the School of Hard Knocks And Fun and waited until age
    53 to start so then i would be more fully qualified
    as i continue to LEarn more As A Bible of my Soul
    more thru
    all the dark
    the light
    the Pain
    the Pleasure
    oh so much more
    to do in life when
    Humor.. ETc.. is ParT of
    Our Whole Soul (God) Pie..:)

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  7. You have made valid points. I stopped watching the news years ago because it rised my level of fear. They rarely show the good in the world. I believe that if the media would show the abundance, good and truthful aspects of life people would become happier and relaxed.😊

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    1. Good evening, thank you so much for reading my blog and for writing your thoughts, good to see you here, feels good 🙂


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