I decided to deleted my instagram, because i dont see the point of having it, just takes time, which i dont want to waste. HUGS❤️

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. Instagram is good ,, if you look at possitive side, you will see beautiful pics by people roaming all over world, wise quotes shared by people of great personalities,, and many more,,, I find it useful ,, u can avoid chat part of it, but rest is good

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  2. I understand you well Ilona❤️
    I continue with my insta, but I see that I spend a lot of time as you say… I will miss you, but I am a lucky girl, because I follow you here on wp my friend.
    Looking forward to your next post🦋
    I hope you have a wonderful day.

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  3. The way I perceive it is that there’s only so much time for social media. I’d rather have one platform to focus on, instead of trying to maintain several and having less quality for each. I think that you’ve made a good choice!

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  4. Hi Ilona!
    I have been reading more and more of your blog and I realized that your blog is more of a variety blog than anything else. You add spice of life, family, and love to everyone’s day. Thank you for that!

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  5. Oh God Yes..
    if one is going
    to do something
    Really Well Focus away
    From the ‘little stuff’
    like Instagram
    Snap Chat
    Paradise hehe..
    on the other Hand
    One May Dance it takes
    none of these Cultural
    Clothes at all not even
    Manufactured Music
    As Nature Springs
    ReneWeD A
    And SonG ANew
    of Bliss in Sunshine..
    Sand.. Grass… and all the Colors Now
    of Soul FLoWeRS As We Co-Create More
    All of our Emotions and Senses within
    inside outside above so below and
    ALL Around as
    And DiFFeRenT too.. We..:)

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  6. My IG account sits dormant. I haven’t uploaded anything in several months. It doesn’t give me the same kind of satisfaction that WordPress does. 😌🌸

    I quit FB in 2018 and haven’t had the desire to use it since.

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