Having learned not to be angry with the environment, but only on ourselves, we will quickly avoid situations that will cause that anger. In the worst case scenario, we will stick to a series of relationships that will legitimise friends, partners and judge ourselves.

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О гневе

Научившись не сердиться на окружающую среду, а только на себя, мы быстро избежим ситуаций, которые вызовут этот гнев. В худшем случае мы будем придерживаться ряда отношений, которые позволят узаконить друзей, партнеров и судить самих себя.

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À propos de la colère

Ayant appris à ne pas être en colère contre l’environnement, mais uniquement contre nous-mêmes, nous éviterons rapidement les situations qui provoqueront cette colère. Dans le pire des cas, nous allons nous en tenir à une série de relations qui légitimeront les amis, les partenaires et se jugeront nous-mêmes.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

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  1. as it is ok to be happy, it is ok to also be angry. it is how we react to our anger is the important issue. we should let out our happiness and also our anger. to hold in our anger will only eat us from the inside. so let it go, let it go, let it go… but always learn from what made you angry and try to stay away from those situations. many times we have no control on the situations that make/made us angry. if it is out of our control, then no reason to take it as a personal thing.

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  2. Anger Get It Out…
    Or Keep It In…
    True if possible
    Best to avoid it
    All Together With SMiLES..
    And yes of Course A Free
    Dance and Song IS A Cure
    For Fear and Anger
    And Hate
    As most all
    of this Comes
    From Fear and
    « Who Hurt Us’
    the Soul that
    Most Loves
    As We Naturally Are..:)

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  5. Anger is an emotion, there is nothing in getting angry. But most Important thing to remember always when we are angry That is not truly us.
    It is a negative force and you will end up doing only wrong things.

    Best thing to do when angry « Dont talk and dont take any decision when you are angry »

    ✨Stay Positive✨

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