Thank you so much Margo for nominating me, i’m very thankful for the nomination, hugs my sister from another mister💚

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  1. How would you describe yourself? It is very difficult to describe myself, women, who is not dreaming anymore and who is not planing anymore and who dont believe in anything anymore.
  2. If you woudn’t be who you are, who would you be? If you have seen movie butterfly effect, i prefer to dont be at all.
  3. If you would have a power to change the World what would you change? There so many things, which must to be changed, i will write a book about it😁
  4. Something about you that your close friends or relatives don’t know. (I guess it is secret, but anyway…)that i’m very sad inside me, at least now i feel this way..
  5. Three types of food you never ate but would like to try? Not for now, at the moment i really dont know..
  6. Three types of foods you will never ever ever try? No freaking way!!!Snail, Horse meet and Pork 🙂
  7. How you censoring what you really think or feel?Well sometime when i don’t really want to show y real emotion i hide behind joke i guess.
  8. If you could change one thing in your life, what would you change and why? I would get rid of overthinking.
  9. What are your plans when you will get old like grandma or grandpa? I will sit with my cat on the sofa and i will read books.
  10. What’s wrong but sounds and feels right? a crispy macadamia cooky 🙂
  11. If you were moving to different country forever, but should only pack one bag, what would you pack? ) I’m not attached to material, my favourite pyjamas, the book which i’m reading at the moment and bottle of perfumes.

(I’m keeping this nomination for myself)

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. Once again congratulations on your nomination this is prove that when doors close another opens…dear friend this nomination is not a mistake, you deserve it, you earned it and remember God is always present.

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  2. I won’t say a lame congratulations, I will say that it’s obvious how angry you are or sad / depressed…But this feeling shouldn’t stay and it should leave ASAP because life has more than a bad experience to give you, and you can check other posts of you about positivity and moving on…nothing lasts forever and good things are yet to come, but you need to make room for them….otherwise how they’ll ever be? Right? you deserve to be happy so make sure you convince yourself that you do!
    Have a great weekend ❤

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    1. I dont want to pretend, that i’m fine, when i’m not, but there is days like this and nothing i can do i just felt so sad and so down, i’m writing posts about positivity, but i can’t help to myself, how weird is it? just trying to put everything together, maybe i’m just tired, but no matter what i have to move forward, there is not other way, today is a little bit better day, trying to breath and to calm down and to let the past go, which is so hard to do, everyday it is a new day, i know, thank you for being here and for understanding, writing about positive helps, but ii need to work harder on myself and on my own happiness❤️Room needed, need to do some cleaning so happiness will be happy to come 🙂

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      1. You shouldn’t pretend at all! Never will ask you to do that
        Not weird that you can’t follow what you’re writing but you’re trying at least, some things take more time but you need to face it and have your downtime as much as it takes, no denial ever helped
        Yes make some room and beautiful things will come…❤️ my pleasure always

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      2. I thought by feeling bad and writing positive may boost me up a bit, also i was trying to understand if my physical tiredness can cost such a sadness and anger, maybe i just can’t follow anymore all may tasks which i’m keep pushing myself to do, because other wise i would feel like a failure?❤️

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      3. You’re trying and this is great but you need more, words mean nothing when we reach certain level
        I was speaking to my friend last day about positivity and stuff …and she told me I know all these information and I don’t need them! Because sometimes we’re so down and desperate and until something good happens and some change happens we won’t listen to all this shit! You know what I mean? So I understand you and maybe you shouldn’t post all positive ! Just post how it feels to feel like shit and give it time then figure out what’s the real problem and face it
        Don’t push yourself anymore ! Relax and failure anyway means that we are trying ❤️

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      4. Sounds like good name for the post HOW IT FEELS TO FEEL LIKE SHIT, it will attacked readers for sure, i have noticed, that the name of the post matters. Yes, we know all this information so what? Like is changes something, it doesn’t, specially those days when we dont want to hear anything, trying to relax and to take a little break, to think less, overthinking is something what i could never stop, even by trying hard, it just comes and sometimes i have a full movie in my head, what if, there is no if, i know right, but i still do think about it and i can’t change it❤️Real problem is to let the past go, to do less activities physically and to stop thinking about future the way: what if? we know the problems, what is the solution?

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      5. And why not? I wrote a post how it feels when sadness strikes and I described exactly how I feel in certain days
        And yes good name 😁
        You think it will not change a thing but better than posting all this positivity and you feel like shit!
        The solution is with you and inside you, you’re the only one who can end this and I told you seek professional help and with your efforts it will do
        Otherwise it’s a vicious circle my dear, don’t stay there and stop thinking of what YOU CANT CONTROL! ❤️

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  3. Yeah stuff is shit sometime. It’s good to say that, it’s no fun to pretend to be happy when you’re not. When everything is horrible it seems like you’ll never feel better but you will I promise! Hope you’re okay.


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