You have to sleep from 6 to 9 hours per night, try to go to bed before 10pm or at least 23pm. In the morning you should get up earlier between 6 and 7 pm.

For your body is very important to keep the same rhythm, waking up early may change your life, if you use your extra time for a good reasons.

You don’t need to rush and worry, you can take your time, without running out and stress.

Enough sleep helps you to loose weight, good sleep improve concentration, sleep effects metabolism, poor sleep linked with stress and depression.


Anxiety and worry about your life: money, kids, husband, relationship with other people, friends, work, can bring you stress and depression when it comes to this point health problems popping up one after another one.

Taking long shower in the morning by switching water from hot to cold for like a minute helps to calm down your mind and focus on your moment, the increase flow of blood to the brain helps with the overall function of the neurons.

Use shower gel with strong smells focus on breathing slowly and enjoy the smells, my preference is: lemon and orange, this smells helps me to wake up and to feel better.


Breakfast is the most important food of the day, why don’t you start your day right with a healthy food. Have an omelet with vegetables, oat meal with fruits, pancakes with peanut butter and fruits and glass of fresh home made juice.

I’m cooking all my meals and snacks on my own, drinks too, well most of them, i’m buying drinks like coconut water, amends milk or coffee. When i cook my own meal it’s healthier, taste better and at least i know whats is in there.


Get it done in the morning so you don’t need to worry for the rest of the day and watch the mess around you. Every single item must have the place, like it’s much easier to find thing what you need.

When you will be done take a minute, watch what you just did, feel proud of yourself, take a deep breath.

5. CALL FOR SOMEONE ( mum, dad, sister, brother, any other family member, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend)

Communication with other people is important role in our life, sometimes we just too busy to call for an old friend and set up a meeting, thats why you should think about it in the morning.

Depression symptoms are lack of energy, loss of interest, you can feel sleepy all the time, you don’t want to see anybody, lack of appetite or to big appetite, reckless behaviour, sadness, anger. But make an effort, you can fight it by following those 6 STEPS.


Reading certainly can be therapeutic, by reading you can set up clearly all the mess thats on your mind, reading may take you somewhere else it will keep your mind busy and focus.

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  1. I love taking morning showers, however during the weekdays I work I shower at night so I can sleep in, you know because 9 hours. I enjoy reading books too, they give my mind something to focus on.

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  2. Reads to me as though this is your remedy for solving your low days…. Great advice, I would probably add physical exercise in that as well… not only to get your blood pumping but helps release endorphins.

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    1. Good Evening Richard, yes physical exercise is something, which helps me to feel better each day and it gives good results as well, thank you for reading 🙂

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  3. I also cook my own meals, eat clean most of the time, and still make treats but they are either low-carb or paleo desserts. I choose low-carb desserts because they are generally healthier overall (low in sugar, dairy free, vegan, refined flour free etc.) I started consuming coconut oil on a daily basis and that seems to be helping with my weight loss, even though some people would argue that coconut oil is bad for you. I like the taste of it! 🥥

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    1. Good evening Hilary, always honest and with clear explanations, thank you so much for reading, i like to cook my meals as well, i think it is more healthy and more tasty 🙂

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    ◇ Pain is either Healing or Growth EveryOne; for example it’s Very Painful to Expose Capillaries to Oxygen yet there is next to No Pain with Internal Bleeding


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      1. ♧ How do learn if not by Reptilian Repetition EveryOne; reptiles are solitary and tend to mate only once producing many external eggs



  5. SMiLes Depression doesn’t taste so bad
    as long as a Person comes to Find it Temporary
    With Some Way Out For Emotions Run From Head to
    toe.. They Rule our Neo-Cortex First to Master Emotions
    Through Emotional Regulation and a Bio-Feedback
    of Moving or Still Meditation
    With Integration of
    Senses is a way
    to Bring
    the Light
    of Positive
    Emotions in
    Dead of Winter
    As Warmth Rises
    up to Color HeART
    More Literally From
    Head to toe.. more..
    Perhaps a Dance
    And Song
    A Keyboard
    Will Do too.. for
    it’s True A Song will
    be Positive Emotions too
    in whatever Way the Music of
    Our Soul Comes out Free and in Balance too..
    Been feeling a Bit Exhausted and Down lately
    too but only a Dance Away from Fingering this
    And Voila
    Tree me
    is lit
    From Head to
    Toe more as of course
    therein lives the alive
    or Deader Emotions of Us Free..
    haha if i could put it in pill Form
    to Make Everyone Happy i could
    Afford to Buy France now and Just
    Make it Disney World too.. hAha..;)

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    1. Smiles, good evening ly beautiful friend from sunny Florida, i hope, that you are doing and that your t-shirt collection grow up since last time, smiles, dance and spreading good vibes, can help to heal depression or at least to push bad mood on another side for the day, thank you for reading and for taking your time to write meaningful comment, SMILES HULK 🙂

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  6. Good morning! Great advice here Ilona, I know that doing these things when I had depression was a big help. The one I had the most trouble with was the proper eating, that likely would have helped me more as well. I’m still not very good with proper eating but I am better than I was at least. But following those steps you have there will help anyone for sure and will help to keep depression away as well. Great post!!😃🌞😺

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    1. Good evening, thank you, we can fix all our problems by ourselves, if we are strong enough, as you already know there are aprs and downs, but ones i’m up, i feel like dont want to go down again, i would fight to stay there until my last drop of blood, thank you for reading and dropping your comment on my side 🙂

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      1. Hi Ilona, yes I agree, once getting up I don’t want to go down again. I also fight to stay up no matter what and the best thing I have found is to concentrate on today and look forward to fulfilling my goals. And Muffin helps too! I believe a cat is the best pet to have to help us and that has been proven by medical science as well. You should do a post on that! Have a wonderful evening Ilona!😄🌙😺


  7. Cleaning and talking about what is making me depressed helps. Getting things off your shoulders is the best way. Also taking time for self care like cleaning or being with a close friend helps me

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    1. Hello there again my wonderful blogger Michelle, good to see you here, it makes me very happy, yes, no matter what we need to take of our house, to keep it clean, we have to find power to cook and to eat healthy and to clean ourselves as well to brush hair and to brush tooth, even if we are depressed, it doesn’t mean that staying in the bed will make as feel better, it wont, but it can make it worse, we have to get out of the house, at least for little 10minutes walk, oh raining? Got umbrella? we can always find 1million reasons to avoid to do things, which we shouldn’t do 🙂 hugs❤️

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  8. Do you have the need of food supplements here in Europe?
    I’m asking because If you lived in my country I bet you would have inserted « food supplements » within your post. 😁
    I live in a country where it rains a lot, and the problem with that is the lack of nutrients that the water washes away from the soil. Sometimes people here get depressed, tired or can’t think well because of the lack of nutrients in their food.

    Thank you 💖

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