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People don’t care about their environment because they don’t see any direct effect on themselves personally. In this area people toss garbage, old fridges, freezers, TVs, plastics of all kinds into the forest areas.

They don’t realize that much of this garbage will take a 100 years to break down, some never will decompose. This is a big tourist area with a large lake and a lot of boats. People will dump oil and gas right into the lake and they say, ‘well, it’s a big lake, it won’t be noticeable’. Then a family of ducks comes swimming by and those ducklings get covered with oil. Well, it’s only one family of ducks, it’s not going to hurt anything, is what people say.

People continually toss coffee cups, chip bags, candy wrappers out of their cars while driving down the highway and say, ‘who cares, it won’t hurt anything’. But it all hurts the environment and it’s not hard to dispose of garbage properly. But it comes back to people don’t care because they don’t see any immediate effect on themselves personally. Let someone else deal with it. People often say, it’s not my problem. That is why people ruin their own environment.

Since the last century, mens evolve a lot in technology, power ressource, making our life easier at the first look. But at wich cost?

We slowly destroying our beautiful planet, our lands, sea and our own health. Why? Well obviously the first and main reason is for money. Big companys and fortune in this world dosn’t care to destroy our world until they can make more profit. The way they grow food, ogm, to get more profit, for cheaper cost

Stroughing rubish and toxic product in our ocean who create island of rubish, barely a new continent, who destroy completly the beauty underwater. All this to avoid to pay to destroy those things properly. This work for many other things..

Also the way we live, what we buy, we accept what they do by buying their product, but of course not everyone have enough money to buy bio healthy food. It have a cost and sadly we don t have choice sometime.

But at least we should do our best, even with little action, to preserve our world, to save it. Because he need us now more than ever. Or maybe the world will realise than we are the problem, the humans, and he will wipe us out to save himself. React until their is hope.

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  1. « When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money »

    -Cree Prophecy among others..

    If God Could Rise up as Nature in a Dance
    And Song What Will God As Nature Dance
    Sing About Humanity Well Now that’s Kinda
    Easy to See.. Yes coming in from God SKeYes
    Space to See the Cancer the Big C of Human
    Culture Defacing and Consuming the Earth
    in a Septic Tank of Consumerism gone
    To hell
    Fields of
    God as Nature
    Same Consuming
    More than Taking
    Without Giving More
    Hoarding More than Sharing…
    As 1 out of 8 Million Species of
    Animals And Plants Are moving to
    Extinction in the Next Few Decades..
    A Question Now my Friend Truly is if the
    (Son) that is just an Old Greek Metaphor Still
    for ‘The Nature of’ God that is of course God’s
    Breathing Living Nature Now.. What Will this
    Son Do if this Son Will Come to Earth Now Will
    ‘This Son’ Craftily Save the Species or Will The
    ‘Other Son’ Send it Straight to ‘Hell’ to Live no More..
    When one Looks Now
    As God and Nature
    Like this truly
    from a
    it may be difficult
    to see who the Villains
    of Nature and God the Same are
    or the Heroes Who Will Come to Be now
    Smiles that’s why my Avatar Goes Spelling in a Direction of
    « KATiE MiA FredericK!iI i am only A SiGNaTuRE oF Nature..
    Anyway i like Cats and Humans Have their Perks too now if
    they will quit SH8TTING All over the EartH perhaps they will
    Save themselves
    Before the
    Rest of
    them as they
    Attempt to Consume
    God (Nature) More than they really Will..
    Nature And God is Godzilla compared to Humanity
    And one Naked Trump my Friend there is no comparison..
    i for one live Here now i see Organized Deceit and Piles and Piles
    oF Lies
    Live off
    of Money
    to Eat So Many
    Humans are already
    Suffocating they are
    Starving i Hear THeir TEars
    i See THeir FEars they DisGust
    me Yet i still Love them for they are me…
    but how will one Hug Lies WHere Tears no longer Hear….
    still trying
    to figure out
    which ‘Son’ Will
    Come Next This
    As Always is EnTirELy
    Left/Right Up to the We of Nature Yes God.

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  2. Another important post about a very major topic: environment
    It’s really sad what humans did and are doing to this world! This world they are living in, they don’t care if they will ruin it for good and they actually did!
    For me each individual must start from themselves regardless what others do and then governments must apply very strict laws…but most of the times government is a complice in this conspiracy unfortunately
    I guess no hope in humanity, we lost the beauty of this world and we’re continuing to
    Thank you for sharing 👍

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  3. I am living in one that kind of country which is very great at keeping nature in good health. Anyway, even though too much plastic and too many people who don’t appreciate our world. People can save the planet if they would want it. Sometimes looks like they don’t want or don’t understand. I believe it is mostly lack of education about of importance. I also believe that hurricane and tsunamis hit our planet for a reason because they usually happened where people don’t care much.

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  4. Great work Ilona. It came out soo Good !
    We have one planet. And 99% of the population doesn’t care about it. Go for natural products from plastic plates , coffee cups wrap covers everything is available in Bio degradable. People must start using these. Let us start from the basic. Will you?👍

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