You are what you are able to capture by turning it into words that are pronounced or inscribed by giving those facts first to yourself. It is discovered that the word can become a healing thing upon the mind of a human being, and his soul is healed. I discover that the spoken words have power and the universe is exactly what you are, and that you attract more to what you broadcast.

(Thank you Laura for correcting my text, means a lot)

(ilona madam)

Кто ты есть?

Вы это то, что вы можете уловить, превратив это в слова, которые произносятся или вписываются, сначала предоставляя эти факты себе. Обнаружено, что слово может стать целительной вещью для разума человека, и его душа исцелена. Я обнаружил, что произнесенные слова обладают силой, и вселенная это именно то, что вы есть, и что вы привлекаете больше к тому, что транслируете.

(илона мадам)

Ce que tu es?

Vous êtes ce que vous êtes capable de capturer en le transformant en mots prononcés ou inscrits en donnant ces faits d’abord à vous-même. On découvre que la parole peut devenir un objet de guérison pour l’esprit d’un être humain et que son âme est guérie. Je découvre que les mots parlés ont du pouvoir et que l’univers est exactement ce que vous êtes et que vous attirez davantage ce que vous diffusez.

(ilona madam)

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  1. Well said.. I too believe in this magical ‘law of attraction’ ! Also, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine blogger award, check out my post..( I know you’ve got many😂 , You’re well deserved!❤️)

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  2. That is a good point Ilona! We do need to be careful how we speak to ourselves or tell ourselves since those words can either help or hurt us and then from that can either help or hurt others. They can also have the right or wrong attraction. Hmm, guess I better be more careful from now on. Something we should think about daily.🙂🌞😺

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  3. When we open the inner door, we are relieved to know what we carry inside and in me, in particular, they become verses. When writing them, it’s me. You always have the right word to make us think positively. Greetings.

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  4. words have only the power we give them. they can hurt or heal only because we let them.
    we must be good to ourselves first, to be able to be good to others.
    you have posted some VERY thought provoking posts today.

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