At my young age i believe i aquire some understanding in life but of course there is a long way to go. The value of life, when we are kids/teenager we aren’t carefull enough, we take stupid risk because we always think it can happen only to others but with time we understand than we are not eternal because the time go faster and faster, we go though different event who make us realise how life is precious.
I learned respect, i use to be different and maybe a bit selfish like most of kids and young people. Some people actually don t even change. But during my life i understood how important is it to respect other, to don’t think you better than someone else or act like it. We all human, we should be all equal and respect each other.
I understood than family is everything, there is nothing more important than family in my life. I will do anything for them.
I learn patience, than things don t come from the sky in a blink, its better to take time and succeed with patience and motivation than rush and fail with impatience.
I understood than beauty is secondary, of course like everywoman i like to feel good in my body, to apreciate what i see in the mirror so i do what i can. But true beauty is inside, what i wasn t always seeing in the past and it make you see the world differently when you finally get it.
I understood than life is not a fairy tale, than bot everything is pink and we have to deal with it, we have to stick to reality, its good to dream, to have some goal and to fight for it, but its also good to apreciate our life and the world how is it and to just give our best to make it better.
Long way to go to understand more about myself, about life and other people. But there it is, a part of what i understood until now. And you?

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  1. You have obtained a good deal of enlightenment for one who is so young. I liked your article, it is a very good read so I am going to reblog this one for you Ma’am. I do hope that you are able to have a good week, stay safe, have some fun.

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  2. 27, oh my gosh; you have no idea what awaits you. I’m 72. I’ve found it doesn’t take a whole lot of planning and actions to make life even better in the 70s than it is in the 20s. But it does take some planning and it does take some action. When I look at my peer group, so many didn’t make it and so many didn’t seem to do any planning or take any action. I wish you the best in your journey to the 70s.


  3. I believe we need to be confident. We need to look good in appearance. A woman should look good for herself to feel strong, beautiful and confident. Same for a man. Dress to impress and feel confident. Good to have lazy days too, t-sheet, crazy hair and the sea, music.

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