Happens to Me everyday😂😁

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. Hehe Always Happy
    to come home
    to Wife
    if she
    says OG
    You Worked
    out too Hard
    Yuck You are all
    Sweaty Don’t You
    touch me take a Bath Fast
    And then well that’s the rest
    of the Story hAha.. too…
    Now but i still
    Love It All
    as Yes i am
    Free and
    She takes
    Great Care of me..
    thing is my friend never
    ever believe Marriage is gonna
    be perfect as verily true everyone other wise
    will be constantly not Happy in A Home For Love Best..
    And sure
    Places True
    in Dark thru Light too..
    It’s Life every wHere else
    A MarriAge Home is not
    exempt From: Dark thru LiGHT: too..:)

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    1. Good evening, yaaaaay, you finally here, good to see you on my blog, thank you for popping in, i know i have been so busy, but i appreciate so much!!!:)

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      1. That’s too bad. Sometimes I say “Hi Timon!” to the cat, expecting him to be waiting for me at the door. Sometimes he greets me, sometimes he doesn’t. My husband travels a lot so he hardly spends time at home.

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      2. Oh❤️well, work needed, how are you doing when you are alone with a baby?:) not difficult to do your things? I dont know how i could mange with a baby specially if he is claiming everywhere and i m writing a post😁you are super mama!!!

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      3. Thank you, Ilona! Honestly, it is challenging. I usually try to entertain her the best I can but I don’t often get time to blog. If I do get time, my husband expects me to be studying (self-study) for school. The most I can do is comment on blog posts using my phone. She won’t let me use the laptop when I am out of town either. I had planned to write a blog post yesterday but that didn’t happen because she wanted to watch Peppa Pig and Daniel Tiger the entire time on my laptop while we were at the hotel.

        I think I would have even less time if I was still using Facebook and Instagram. I don’t even use Facebook messenger and seldom use WhatsApp.

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