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  1. When i married my Wife i was Money poor according
    to Legend at Least i promised her if she said
    yes she would Never Age and keep
    an Eternal Teenager Figure all she
    had to do is do all the work around
    the home and let
    me be
    Pan Free..
    Now she is
    Still A Fairy
    Princess now
    Like Cinder-
    Rella before
    A Slipper and
    i am whoever
    i wanna be hehe..
    (that changes lots)
    Obviously she stays
    in shape by doing all the work hehe..
    it was just a way for me to motivate
    her to work-
    WorkinG it out
    All to my Great
    Satisfaction as
    she is the only
    one who made
    both Dreams come true.. know
    You Will feed a man a fish all
    You Want but if you Feel how
    to Motivate a Woman you get
    all the work
    clue to
    A secret
    of my success
    still now be honest no
    secrets about it all always now..:)

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  2. cute. but people really should be careful of naming their children as their peers can be cruel. what may sound cute can have lasting negative impacts. think of the song by johnny cash « a boy named sue » though it has a good ending, not all will.

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