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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. How you act is how you think. How you think is how you act. To be happy one must think and act with virtue. To do so prudence must precede thoughts and acts.

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  2. Hi Ilona!! This is a very good thought! We do need to control how we think or we really have no control over our lives. Practice thinking of good things, things which are positive, beautiful things, truthful things, joy, and so much more. If we can get rid of the negative thoughts and replace them with these positive thoughts we then can control how we think which then leads to control how we act and live our lives. A lot of good things in that quote you shared here Ilona!! I hope your day has been a good one so far!!😃😁🌞😺🌴

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  3. « Self Discipline begins
    with the Mastery of your
    Thoughts. If you don’t
    control what you
    think You can’t
    Control What You do »
    Hmm; Sadly this is what Science
    used to think; even sages of the ages
    Like so-called Buddha True but those who
    Live Life in the Martial Arts Sense And Feel
    Better than Know In Words that Senses and Feelings
    Flow First From First our Reptilian Sensory Fight And Flight
    Reproductive Brain and then our Limbic Feeling Emotional Brain
    And Then Finally We Remember Words Associated with those Senses
    And Feelings that Work as Edifice of Road Maps in our World as Words become
    Guide Posts
    to help
    us Travel
    Our Sense
    and Emotions
    as they come Directing
    Traffic to come again as
    our Senses and Emotions
    Do Come First Before we
    Memory Associate and Create Words
    With those Senses And Feelings Last
    as once Again Senses and Feelings as even
    Science Shows initiates our Word Think First
    Before we are even Aware of those Sensed and Feelings First
    true though there is a Spectrum of Bio-Feedback in our ability
    to regulate senses and emotions that my come from Moving Meditation
    and even more still Meditation like Yoga and even Sitting Still Meditation
    that may be associated with Mantras of Repetitive Chants focusing on areas
    of the body from toe to head and above that basically allow us to escape the
    Neo-Cortex Deadline present and future solving problem mechanical cognition
    Worry Mind for reasons And then light up the rest of the Sub-conscious Mind more
    of what we sense and feel to be real as life Mindfully aware of our Body and
    Mind more now too; where Greater Human Potentials From: Head to: Toe
    come to be real as us; it’s good to remember though that words of our
    Conscious Mind are no more than about 5 Percent of the Entire
    Mind Pie; as even
    Gloria Estefan
    Dances and
    Sings when
    it comes
    to integrating
    Senses and Feelings
    actually Words Will even
    Get in the Way; as Words are
    most of the Source of distance;
    space and time with all our Deadline
    Worries in those Dimensions of Reality of
    Misery And Suffering we continue to volunteer to even exist;
    « Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy »
    is another way to diffuse and change the Bad Feelings within; as true
    Memories are Emotions and Emotions are Memories it is the Senses and
    Feelings we come to Endure or Love that bring the Hell or Heaven words to be
    either from
    or New
    for Heaven
    and or Hell
    We Create to be now
    to associate how we sense and feel LiFE NoW
    Generally Speaking as far as Senses and
    Emotions come and go and grow and wilt
    Now Dance And Song Integrates Senses and
    Regulates Emotions better than just Walk and Talk
    As Just a Song on the Radio will help us regulate our Emotions
    most whether we want to fade them away or bring ’em on Home..:)

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      1. Good evening, you wont skip the post, will you? 😀 thank you so much for your support and comments, glad to see you here and your smiling face as well:)

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  4. Everyday is a dress rehearsal for the vision of a dream to become a reality.

    What do you want in your life? The capacity to envision our dream and work hard towards them bring about a way of living that ultimately allows one to realize one’s Self. Thank you for the great quote. It made me think as I am now realizing a dream and writing from Russia!!!


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