Depend the situation, when the affect is in the equation, it is difficult because we might have double tought, one who follow the logic, calculated, and another one who follow your heart, your instinct. Both solution might be very different so what to chose, it is not an easy task.

I believe we need the right balance, to mix both when we can, because its never good to think only with your heart dispite of any logic and to don’t take in concideration the consequence, the risk, but it is not good also to think like a robot, to disconnect your heart in away.

So need to take the best from both and shake it. But sometime its yes or no, there is no middle. I choose to follow my heart most of time but who knows maybe i m wrong, there is no certainty when the heart is on the line, but it is what make us what we are.

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  1. You are so right Ilona! It is good to have the right mix, because just following our heart or our brain can lead us in the wrong direction. But I believe that when both are used and you still have to make that final decision then it is better to go with the heart. Going with our brain is just too mechanical and doesn’t take everything into consideration properly. Better to trust the heart in that final decision, it will normally be the right choice. My thoughts anyway. Great post Ilona!!😁😁😃😃😺

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  2. I’m questioning myself if I even need to say anything because you already said everything I want to say. But I want to slightly change it. I always try to follow my brain and use my heart as an assistant. So 50/50 most of the time.

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  3. Neo-Cortex Versus Limbic System of Emotions and Amygdala And
    Brain Stem for Flight and Fight instinct and Reproductive Instincts
    And other Autonomic Functions that always Happen out of mind out
    of Sight out of Neo-Cortex we don’t have to Orchestrate as imagine
    what a pain in the Butt it would be to tell our Heart to Beat
    each and every Beat throughout the day..
    Hmm.. i was described with a ‘Spock’
    Brain much of my life but it is
    worth noting that even
    though Spock did
    not Express
    many Emotions
    and was very Logical
    he still was an Empath
    in the Feel and Sense
    that he could Mind
    Meld and Heart
    Meld with
    else this
    way.. yep i was
    a whole lot like Spot
    and Folks called me a Computer
    Brain as i was like Google Just ask
    me any Question didn’t even have to type ’em in hehe..
    Considered Valuable Asset Commodity to the Work Place
    but not invited to Social Events outside work of Course
    as all i really had to say is the Answers to the Questions
    to solve the Problems at Hand and if someone asked me what
    i had been doing all i had was working working oh i really hated
    to catch up with Folks on the Phone relatives as such as i just didn’t
    know what to say except for i’ve been working working now i am the
    Energizer Bunny of Art and Science as i accommodated my Functional
    Disability of Computer mostly Brain and Grew a Grinch Heart of Dance
    And Song so Big now well yeah.. 7 Million Word Bible Poem and 11,515
    Miles of Public Dance now in Close to 71 Months of Effort why not just do it
    to Make
    a Soul
    than Black
    And White
    Answers to Questions
    Like an Accountant then
    and Information Technology
    Switch Board for Tech/Finance Support hehe..
    Smiles my Friend use it or lose it applies to all stuff
    life.. i will not risk losing the Soul of my innate instinct and
    intuition of Heart Felt Spirit of Soul Again now .. so yes i Dance
    i Sing i Dance on Sunshine as the Clouds i come to Sing Spiraling Free..
    i used
    to have
    the Personality
    of INTJ and now
    i am ENFP turn
    around bright eyes
    out of total eclipse of the heART
    for me.. never wanna be an iRobot
    again.. but sure every once in a while
    i visit commas.. and semi-colons and
    even periods Just for fun but nah.. now
    hard to move in straight lines across the
    Page or Dance any way but Free as me all intuition from instinct now..
    it’s gonna be hard to erase the Logic of me from 5 Decades of that so i
    And Sing
    as no one
    is paying me
    now for being a
    Computer any more hehe..;)


  4. This is a most complicated post to answer, It works on bothways sometime you have to trust your instinct, i mean most of the time, But sometime brain says the right thing witg calculation. So as you started it depends on how worse the situation is. But most part is won by heart. So i’ll go with heart, It only has the super human ability to sense any fear and could give right solution.✨ Happy Weekend ✨

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  5. ♡ Signs, Signals, Synchronicities, Pointers and Guidelines; sometimes it seems so STUPID!!! then later it makes Sense so when in Conflict I Trust My Sense Before My Mind


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  6. secondo me dipende dalle situazioni in cui una persona si trova, a volte bisogna affidarsi alla razionalità del cervello, ma altre volte bisogna abbandonarsi ai sentimenti tralasciando tutto il resto. ti auguro un buon fine settimana pieno di serenità, pace e tanto tanto divertimento e risate che fanno sempre bene alla vita.

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  7. Interesting topic.
    Friends and family often tell us to “listen to the heart,” as it « knows what’s best for you.” And so many people follow their emotional inclinations rather than those that logic would suggest. I believe that this depends on the situation. For example, in the case of love, why are we drawn to people who we know aren’t good for us, don’t care about us, and are probably not the best for us? It’s because we ‘follow our heart’, and as soon as we do that, the power of our brain gets numb. Listening to your heart, especially if you’re under any kind of time pressure, is likely to hurt you or lead to damaging outcomes. But as always, a blend of the heart and head will lead you to the wisest, and most favorable decisions. If one relies too much on their heart, they could be making dangerous and impulsive decisions with harmful consequences, similarly, if one relies too much on their head, they aren’t quite living enough. After all, what’s life without a little adventure and risk 😉?

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    1. Oho, i like the way we think, yes a little adventure needed:) Have wonderful evening and make the most of it, hugs thank you forgot forgetting me💚


  8. My heart works first, then my brain starts to debate my heart. 🙂 🙂 It’s a vicious cycle. My real life example is my online shopping habits. I love an item so much and add it to my cart. Sleep through it. The next day I realize I don’t need it. Then I take it out from my cart. 🙂

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  9. If you follow the heart only – expect heartache.
    If you follow the head only – expect disappointment.

    Always use both, but never to excess, and remember always that we mostly will learn by making mistakes!

    We cannot expect to make the ‘right’ choice every single time! Sometimes the ‘wrong’ choice is the one we most needed to make. 🙂

    (Just a comment on English translation – I think you are trying to say « Thank you FOR NOT forgetting me »


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