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You are so right Ilona! It is good to have the right mix, because just following our heart or our brain can lead us in the wrong direction. But I believe that when both are used and you still have to make that final decision then it is better to go with the heart. Going with our brain is just too mechanical and doesn’t take everything into consideration properly. Better to trust the heart in that final decision, it will normally be the right choice. My thoughts anyway. Great post Ilona!!

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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      1. I know😁and its okay to skip them just said thank you for not forgeting me, because even when you have been busy you stopped by😊there was no sarcastic sense in my comment😁

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  1. Balance is absolutely the key in everything in life Ilona. And most so in Head and Heart battle : With regular meditation we become intuitive and intuition is the focal point of head and heart ❣ Head and Heart get synced
    Have a fab weekend 😊🌹🤗

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