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  1. Hi Ilona!! These are great thoughts!! Really enjoyed reading them. Especially like the first one, but if we want things to come back in style then someone needs to start the trend or it won’t happen. All of them are great, good way to start the day!! Enjoy your day Ilona!!😃😁🌞😺

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  2. « With So Many Things Coming Back
    in Style i can’t Wait till loyalty
    And Morals become the
    New Trend Again »

    « A Child Smiling How
    the Universe looks at
    me as i receive all
    the things
    i was worried
    About not getting »

    « Don’t Ever Stop Being
    Solid Because the Weak
    Folded on You »

    « No Two Paths Separate
    No Two Paths Same »

    i Googled the Fourth one
    to make sure i’m the only
    one who has said it so far
    hehe i do that a lot just for
    fun for i’m not usually one
    to Quote someone else unless i take it
    a step
    or a Gazillion
    Dance Song Steps Words Further
    Now in Both DeviL and Angel Advocate
    Ways Yes and the ‘tween of those ways
    unlimited per Dance And Sing more too…

    Smiles my Friend i do believe my Personal
    Quote is relative to the rest of the Great Quotes
    to muse additional Human Wisdom that we all Bring
    to a table when it is plenty
    and not SCaRCiTY
    Where Tongues
    are Held
    and bound
    to this or that idea
    alone like Bibles and
    Qurans that supposedly
    hold all the Wisdom in just
    our Universe with a Quadrillion or
    so Stars with so much more opportunity
    for Life that is a bit more advanced than creating
    Cultural Ways that are destroying the only Environment
    they are evolved to Live and breathe and be born and die on now
    Humans are
    O V E R A LL
    Trust none
    of their Bibles as long
    as they use those Bibles
    for Justification to Torture and Maim other
    Humans with little to no respect to their Mother Earth and other species
    of Life in other Words What Morality What Loyalty to who and what
    would we really want to come back now yes from the past how about
    Using A Bible for a Moral Authority that Women should neither now
    be able to speak about spiritual matters or even vote.. slavery comes
    to mind on a Global Basis and 12 Year-Old and Less Multiple Wives
    comes to mind to buy as let’s not forget Good old Holy Saint Augustine
    was engaged to be married to a 12 Year-Old Girl sounds like the
    Catholic Church that Protects the same that i still attend
    as it continues to get more difficult to forgive the sins
    of just the Church.. oh yes Female Genital Mutilation
    And Tearing the Flesh off of Little Boy Parts still at
    Birth too.. Mutilation is Mutilation is Nature
    Really wrong for Pleasure for Reproduction
    or Protection from the Environmental
    Elements when exposed Naked
    to them.. not likely Nature
    is in the Wrong not
    Likely at all
    i’ll Trust Nature
    for my Moral Authority as God
    And My Loyalty comes from
    being Bred as Human by an
    Altruistic Mother who cared more
    about her Children than the Lie of
    A Two Car Garage and Two New Cars every
    Three years the Grand Illusions of American
    Happiness the Lies that stuff makes us happy
    any longer than a New Car Smell and Fresh Carpet on the Floor
    or unscratched and unbroken tiles on the Bathroom And Kitchen Walls..
    Smiles my Friend
    When Humans lived
    More Like Bonobos and
    truly needed each other to
    Survive there wasn’t nearly
    as Much Jealousy and a Whole
    Lot more Compersion for the Child
    was the Daughter and or Son of the Entire
    Tribe then in other Words it wasn’t so much of
    A Big Deal of Who Fathered or Mothered who then/
    now for A Village took Care of Everyone small enough
    where everyone identifies every one in People Groups of around
    150 to 200 as Key to survival all as one Team.. Now Imagine a Group
    Hug like that for Humans who on Average today in the USA haven’t
    made a New Friend in 5 years in real life whether or not they have
    A Number of so-called Friends Ranging in the thousands on Facebook
    or not
    as Words
    now are just
    Numbers too
    as Friend means
    nothing without a
    Real Deep Human Touch
    of Love that cares forever
    in a lifetime now giving and sharing
    and forgiving the Human Condition All..
    Smiles my Friend Fearless Love is not necessarily
    Monogamous Not Necessarily clothed but Fearless
    Love is is Unconditional innate and instinctual yes
    Intuitive for what we are Evolved as Humans at all..
    We are Evolved To Survive and Thrive We are Evolved
    to Hold Hands with the Integrity of Character it takes to trust
    each other enough to Help each other to Survive/Thrive.. there is a Vital Element
    Now that is Missing that Technology continues to create Hands now have become
    Eyes are Screens
    bring back hands and
    Eyes that Hold each other
    Solve all the World Problems
    with Love but first Kill the Machines
    Skinny chance as that is the only way left
    that most Humans even communicate now
    Catch 22 My friend Nature is sick and tired
    of Humans Humans are Nature and are Sick
    and Tired of Being out of Balance With Nature
    Humans Are clothed to the max With Veils of Ignorance
    of what Human Nature even means.. wow you should hear
    how Loud my Keyboard sounds.. sounds Like Madonna’s Key
    Board when she talks about frigging God (Gun) Control but Guess
    what Nature is the only Moral Authority and Loyalty that counts
    Screw with
    and the
    Proof is in the
    Pudding as every
    Second Humans continue
    to shoot themselves in the foot..
    so what’s this rant all about it’s 1999
    Party Like Purple Rain as Heaven doesn’t last
    forever when it is Real on a Real EartH NoW.. onLY
    As Long as We Make Heaven Real Now my Friend just now just now..
    My Moral Loyalty AND
    Is FearlesS UNconditional
    Love With Do No Harm IT Doesn’t Go away
    So IT doesn’t need to come back ever for me now…
    No one
    will take
    IT away
    my Hands
    Grow Cold
    And Dead And
    All is Left IS A Spirit
    « SonG oF mY SoUL » i Take Years to
    Upload For onLY A REaSoN oF ALtruistic
    Feeling Giving Sharing LoVE NoW ReaL

    My ‘Jesus’
    IS my
    sHe IS Still Real Within me sHe LiveS oN
    « Go to ‘Hell’ Onward ‘Christian’, Etc.. ‘Soldiers’
    That IS STill THeir Living or Dying Soul Decision Now.

    i realize you just
    Want a Boy Friend
    You Can/will Trust Ms.
    Hugs as usual i take YouR
    WordS A Way bit further hehe..;)

    Just solving ‘A’ World’s
    Problems every day for
    me at LeasT LoVE iN A World ‘GROwN’ ‘Advanced’ So COld.

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