I have noticed, that being around children, makes me feel good and happy, doesn’t matter how old their are, i like to hold baby of my friend, he is so cute and every time i take him in my arms, it makes me feel calm and peaceful. I believe they have some super power to make people feel good, is so interesting to see how they discovering the world, how they communicating without words.

They can be also so funny, playing games and make you laugh, i think, that children are such a endorphins, they give good emotions, for example, when the father enters home after long day, the first who is at the door to see him is a child and, when father takes a kid in the arms, the child has super power to calm him down.

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  1. Hello Ilona!! Yes, I agree totally on this! Children have this power in them to do amazing things. They do indeed make us feel good, they can calm us if we are anxious or worried. They can make us feel good when we are depressed or discouraged. There is just something about children that does this for us. It is always so great to have children around, they really are fun, can make us laugh so easily. I always like to have children come around, usually nieces and nephews, just a wonderful experience! Great post Ilona!! Hope your day is going well!!😃😁🌞😺

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  2. Not too keen on newborns, their wobbly heads always worry me. I love kids when they’re potty trained, can talk a bit and are developing their personalities, so around 18 months.

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  3. Terrible two’s aren’t so fun, but it gets interesting once they start to do things for themselves. Becca is at that stage where she’s very independent, but if you tell her no she throws a temper tantrum. She also hates sharing. I’m looking forward to when she’s a bit older like 4 or 5 years old.

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  4. Very true, babies sure have the power to make someone smile and feel euphoric.
    You know there was a study done where people were tediously waiting for their turn to come in a hospital’s waiting area. Everybody’s face was filled with boredom, and they looked lifeless. A few minutes later, a mother with her cheerful baby comes to the room. The baby smiles at everyone he looked at, with his heartwarming eyes. Within a minute ever single person in that room was smiling! Isn’t this incredible? The baby had the ‘power to influence’ those around him, and within a minute boredom was converted into happiness! 😊

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