I would like to correct my post, what i meant is, that some vaccines are dangerous and may give you bad side effects and other disease. I’m against many vacciness. Why? Because they use fetus to make it, we get injection which has other human DNR. What it does to our body? It may give you cancer and other deseases. When the baby is born first think what he get is a vaccine. If you knew what is in that vaccine, would you still agree?

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  1. Am so glad to hear it from you Ilona. We didn’t give any vaccinations to my grand daughter.
    Dr. Venkat, from whom I learnt on natural living and healing ( I had mentioned her in my post / I am a happy Fruitarian) – was against vaccination. When I asked her why : she told me that God has given us a global shield of protection. The moment we give one vaccination we break this shield and are open to all kind of disease. She was of the opinion that all the modern day disease like HIV and Cancer are the outcome of these vaccinations 😌


  2. Hi Ilona!! I agree with you totally on this! I have never liked vaccines, many times they don’t work and they can cause other problems too. Plus, you are right, take a look at what’s in that vaccine, all kinds of things and we really don’t know what kind of problems these mixtures will cause people in the future. I don’t even like to get vaccines for my cat, I just don’t believe it’s a necessary thing and I think can weaken an animals own immune system. My cat stays inside anyway so what’s the point. Perhaps some vaccines can be helpful for some people but overall I think they are more dangerous than helpful to the average person. Great post Ilona!!😃😁🌞


    1. Back in the day, before vaccines, wasn’t there certain individual’s who may have actually pulled through there illnesses..

      Could these individual’s possible have had an already stronger than average immune system, already.. i believe so..

      One size does not fit all..

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      1. True, it’s an individual decision. Did people have a stronger immune system, even just some, we don’t know, no studies were done that I know of. And with so much weird stuff put into some of the newer vaccines, maybe they help in the short term for certain things, but we don’t know the long term effects of the newer vaccines. Maybe nothing, maybe serious problems. It’s a gamble, so it’s an individual decision. And they don’t always work. If people want them, go for it, for me, I don’t like them.

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      2. The immune system is our bodies inner self defence mechanism..

        Lets say our inner defence mechanism already has a fight within itself to combat dis-ease and these vaccines were unnecorcerly used..

        Could we be simply turning the power of our immune system up and up and slowly destroying ourselves from within ourselves.. i believe so..

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  3. Vaccinations are actually a blessing. Suppose the child gets sick, then whatever antibiotics we give hin to remove his sickness, we do this is good will, but instead we’re pumping him full of toxins.

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    1. It’s okay. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and their thoughts, as long as they’re fully informed. It’s just that anti Vax babies die in rates much faster than children who do get vaccines. I’m sure you’re also vaccinated. Have a beautiful day!! 😀

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      1. Yes, i’m, but my friend just got a baby, and she is against vaccines, we was checking information what is positive about it and what is negative, some vaccines needed, but some can do more damage, so finally she decided to go against and i can understand her, after all the information what we came across so far, she did the first vaccines but for the rest she decided to refuse. This is the reason why i wrote about it today🤗if you have some information please share, i would like to know more..

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  4. Hey Ilona ! I agree with this. These are called allopathic. And every medicines have it’s own side effect. So any small dose antibiotics also affects liver. There are other medicines which has zero sideeffects too. And people hardly go for it.

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  5. Great share….The Lord led us to NOT immunize my now 5 year old blessing! And she’s doing amazingly well, because God created her body to fight against sicknesses and diseases…ours too, if we’d trust Him to let it do its job!!

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  6. Hi Ilona, I am an allopathic doctor. I don’t agree as per my training. I am glad that you raised this topic. In India considering hygiene and sanitation issues, we need vaccines desperately. Recently, we have managed to eliminate poliomyelitis only because of vaccination. Many health workers, especially in Pakistan, have laid down their lives to protect kids from the paralysis caused by polio. 😊👍

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    1. Hello, hello, yes i understand that, i know some people really need it and it can give good results, but some vaccines is pointless and can give even more damage, i think is depend what king of vaccines we get. What do you think?:)

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      1. Hehe, well i was just reading information on internet about it, because my friend got a baby and she did the first few vaccines, but after all the research and agreement of doctor she decided to refuse the rest of vaccines, because even doctor agreed that some of them is not necessary, its okay to dont agree, thank you for reading and dropping your opinion about it i predicate a lot, always good to know more, if you have what to share about this subject please do🤗


      2. I agree that we don’t need all the vaccines. I thought that I need to disagree because some people might get negatively impacted. We need all the basic vaccines. The greatest example of vaccination success is smallpox. It was successfully eradicated with the help of an effective vaccine. The vaccine like hepatitis A might not necessary in developing countries as most of the children are exposed to the virus and protected by natural immunity. You need to be very specific when you are dealing with such an important topic. The doctors are not interested in harming children. The pharmaceutical lobby might be interested in generating revenue but doctors are not unless the doctor is greedy for money. 😄✌🤩🥰

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  7. You are absolutely right!! Great post!!
    I am on the list of people who hate vaccine. Sometimes they are inefficient.. yes you got the point right that we should check what is in that vaccine….
    Maybe some are useful but who cares!!

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  8. I have to be pro vaccine because of the field I’m studying. We don’t have a choice in the matter. They won’t let us practice if we aren’t up to date on all of our vaccines. Vaccines are good because they protect the vulnerable who are at risk at contracting something. It’s not necessarily about us, since we are young and healthy. If we get sick, we can fight it off. However, if we are around a vulnerable population, and we pass on our illness to them, then we put them in danger. This is called herd immunity. Pro vaccinators stress that we need to protect the vulnerable by vaccinating ourselves first. Vulnerable populations include people with poor immune systems, pregnant women, children, and the elderly. I’m just passing this info along.

    I’m personally not keen on antibiotics, however. I think antibiotics can be quite toxic and that we shouldn’t rely on them long-term. I’ll take them if I have to but only if I need to take them. The body can build resistance to them if we rely on them too much, which creates more problems.

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  9. yes to vaccines. yes to making an informed decision as to receive or not vaccines.

    vaccines not only can protect the one vaccinated, but those who have chosen not to be vaccinated. many people have been protected from such diseases as smallpox, polio, measles, mumps and rubella. all very devastating and very contagious diseases that in the past killed many people. flu vaccines have also saved many lives.

    if you think of the economic aspect, the small cost of vaccines over shadows the cost to treat those contracting the disease.

    without vaccines, people can be carriers of disease and not show symptoms. when Europeans traveled to the ‘new world » the native people were almost completely eradicated by such diseases as smallpox. talk about genocide!

    yes, some people may react to a vaccine and some have died. but the numbers of such are so small as compared to the numbers of people vaccines have saved.

    overall health of humans worldwide has improved because of vaccines.
    some so called reports about the dangers of vaccines have been debunked as not being accurate and were made to defraud the public. yet those reports still show up on the internet.

    recently, here in the usa, there have been out breaks of measles all because people were not vaccinated or the vaccine was not effective. yes, sometimes vaccines even when given correctly, can not be effective. again that number is small compared to the numbers of people being protected.

    thank you for doing a post on this and letting all to have the chance to respectfully voice their views.

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    1. Oho, what a comment, thank you for explaining, yes i saw the video about use and vaccines, so i dont know what to believe anymore, thank you for reading my content and giving me more information and knowledge, always happy to know more and i appreciate a lot your time:)💚

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  10. I have no information about the topic but what I know that many children could have died or paralyzed without vaccination, so I’m sorry for not discussing what I don’t have trusted information about 🙂
    This is the post I promised to translate:
    and i will not answer the comments made on other comments, I’ll just like them and answer you in another place so they don’t keep getting notifications 🙂

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