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True, it’s a pity that children are introduced to social media and technology from a very young age. While social media has its tremendous positives, it can be a dangerous concern for people in their growing age. People lose out on their ability to learn about and read social cues. They cannot learn to read non-verbal behavior properly if most of their interacting goes on in this virtual world. This is specially true today, in the modern world. We’re living in an era with way lesser control than how it used to be. As a result of this, kids start getting involved in social media as soon as they turn even 10. Not only that, the internet is also a very unsafe platform for children and them being kids they do not realise the potential risk of their wrong actions.

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  1. Children copy what they observe their more technologically advanced mentors do. As we become more electronically advanced, they do also. Years ago children copied what they saw the blacksmith do, but advanced with the examples of the mentors they were subjected to.

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  2. My cousin bought her baby an Ipad with little handles so it is easy for her to hold. The baby is not even 2 years old yet, she will be in September. Guess she is a toddler, but I still think that is too young for constant watching of Disney shows on that Ipad. When we are at restaurants the baby sits in Daddy’s lap staring at whatever Disney show they have her watching. At family events…watching that screen. Sometimes she will peak over the screen to look at other people around her but she acts very scared and only wants to be around three family members. She goes to preschool and has that, so at least she gets some social interaction but I feel all that screen time at such a young age is hurting her eyes and causing her to be fearful of others. I can’t say anything because they will all take it as an attack. I just try to buy her pretty board books and fun old fashioned pull toys and stacker cups to play with…Oh, and bubbles. All babies like bubbles. Poor thing she is still afraid of me, my husband, my children, other family members etc….but Minney Mouse she will run up to and give big hugs to.

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  3. « They cannot learn to read non-verbal behavior properly if most of their interacting goes on in this virtual world. » it really is.
    but one should not be afraid that people will not take into account in their development these new ways of communication. I believe that a person can change according to this progress.
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