Hi Ilona!! Happiness is an emotion so it can come and go very quickly or it can stick around for a longer time, depending on the circumstances. However, I think a lot depends on us, whether we really want that happiness to stay around. We would all say that we do, but then something happens and we lose that happiness. But I think we can choose to keep it longer if we really want to. But then we can’t let other circumstances affect us negatively, and that’s the big problem. We can choose to be happy no matter what happens however, but it is a choice we need to make. But I think there will always be things happen that can rob us of that happiness at least temporarily, but then we can choose to change and bring back that happiness. Just my thoughts anyway. Hope your day is going great!!!😃🌞😁😺

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  1. Wonderful words from Steve, on point as always. Now I realize that happiness si really a choice like what Steve is saying. With everything I saw about life and death, people can really be happy even on their worst times

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