This evening i was walking with friends and we saw beautiful view we were keep turnning back to watch and this came to my head.

Never look back unless the view is breath taking❤(i hope it doesnt already exist)🤣🤣

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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  1. Aww, that sounds so lovely… and it is true. It is always ok to look back when the wiev is beautiful and you have to catch your breath again❤️ A good thought Ilona, I love it and will remeber it… in the ocean of ​​good memories that touch your heart can be replenished in your soul of goodness and pure energy in a wiev you never forget in a process of healing ….❤️
    Hugs from me.


  2. « Never look back unless the view is breath taking »

    -iLona Madam P. Alias Ms. Hugs

    True this Quote is all Yours iLona Madam P. NoW.. As Usual
    Just Like ‘MaGiC’ i Will Riff off of YouR Wisdom too.. heHe..
    Not sure what MaGiC WiLL
    Do but iN Flow the
    ecstasy inherent
    is all ‘too Real’
    Within With
    SMiLes Dear
    FriEnd when i am
    Younger than YouR aGE UniVersity
    Administrators then Urged Us greatly to
    Travel to See New BReaTH TaKinG Views Clear
    For if Not we would grow attached to a Machine
    too Soon as a Job we would become Stuck with
    a Mortgage and Big Car Loans A Spouse Several
    Children then we would have to pay for
    their School.. a tiny sliver of
    Distance Space
    And Time
    We moved
    on to after
    Our Best Days Now then..
    Hmm.. it may become easy
    to believe and create a self-fulfilling
    Prophecy if we believe the Limits and
    Standards and Guidelines and Lessons and
    Even Bibles and Science Books and Political Rules
    too beyond local state and federal ones of course that
    will put us way out of freedom if we break them and go to
    Prison as such but still there is another Prison the PriSon of
    Limitations that Community
    Political Rules ranging
    from one Friend
    to Clubs
    to Sports
    And Religions
    Bring to bind our
    Hands in Bonds we come
    to Feel as Necessary to feel
    Warm and Comfy with other
    Traditions of Beliefs and Limitations same
    that other wise will take us away from Feeling
    And Sensing So Many more Colors of Life Now Real..
    Smiles my Friend there were brief glimpses of Different
    Dimensions of Within during decades of so many responsibilities
    then trapped in the Deadlines of Life that restricted me from even
    Writing Sacred and Holy Shapes in Flow where Meaning and Purpose
    Comes After the Act saMe as Mostly Writing comes in Flow this way
    too.. i kept looking For God
    Out Side of myself for this
    ‘Holy Spirit’ Thingie to Land
    somewhere outside of within
    of my Soul To Lead me to
    Greater Pastures
    of Creativity
    oF Light so
    and more
    Alive True though
    the most Breath Taking Views
    so far away then yet to come as
    my Soul BeCoMeS A Real Coloring Book
    oF Feelings Senses More Within so many Decades
    after that as i Freed the Confines of my Soul Trapped
    Within Walls of Neo-Cortex barely Breathing Eternal Flow
    then.. i will never be able to Paint the Experiences of Heaven
    Within Fully With Words Giving Justice to Holy And Sacred Spirit
    as God A LoVE Force
    of Muti-colored
    Breath Lights
    up within
    but i Dance
    it Folks FeeL and
    Sense it some folks accuse
    me of TaKinG Drugs but the Flow
    is all Natural and colored with a Scent
    of God Free Within…
    A Breath
    is always
    within with a more
    Breath TaKinG View now
    Waiting to Explore me more
    as the Light within colors more
    The Kingdom of Heaven is truly
    Within the View is always Breath
    Taking in Giving And Sharing Ways even more
    We may Read about it in Books others may tell us
    it is only available after a Dirt Nap of Dead still others
    who experience it will Dance And Sing Paraphrasing some
    Words i heard last Sunday « Let the Dead Bury their own ».. the
    Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand now Within as we may believe
    the Restrictions of Traditions but never the Less God Colors more
    all that’s
    left is the
    Fumes of Heaven
    We leave behind
    in Art for other Folks
    to feel and sense with
    Heaven Eyes coming more Fully Awake..
    then my Friend Beyond iNfinity of Heaven now
    Will be felt and sensed more as Less than a Grain of
    Sand as the Moon Becomes even a Bigger Pet Rock too
    of Love and the Sky Never Ends as SKeYeS of GoD More..
    Smiles.. i suppose the Environment where i live with the Sugar
    White Sands and Emerald Green Beaches with Swaying Sea Oats
    as ‘Red Neck Riviera’ in Both River Forests and Beach with Seagulls
    Spiraling Around Might Try to Compete with my ‘Lamborghini’
    And Your ‘Ferrari’
    On A French
    Riviera too
    but Soul
    IS A
    that only
    Rises as
    Valleys become
    Mountains low even Higher more..
    Funny how Sacred And Holy Text makes so much
    Feel and Sense when one actually arrives in Heaven
    Now for Real.. hehe.. then Fast Sports Cars are only
    Slugs and the Beaches and River Front Quartz White
    Sand Snows are only as Beautiful of What Soul Brings to Life as God..:)


  3. SMiLes.. ‘They’ didn’t Have any Roads for Lamborghini’s in the ‘Heaven’
    Video And Song So tHere is Video Number 2
    for ‘Beautiful People’ Who
    Do Not fit in Glitzy LA
    SummerS Hehe…
    (Thanks ‘Ed’ For Close to
    Another ‘Perfect’ Video And Song)


  4. Never heard it before! Very true. Never look back unless the view is breathtaking!! Also, only look back if there’s a cat’s meow or someone calls your name to give you your fallen money or wallet 😀 Thank you for sharing, ilona madam!


  5. Good morning ilona, your poem brought to mind the words of the song, « The Way We Were, sung by Barbara Streisand and written by Songwriters: Alan Bergman / Marilyn Bergman / Marvin Hamlisch.

    « Memories may be beautiful and yet
    What’s too painful to remember
    We simply choose to forget
    So it’s the laughter we will remember
    Whenever we remember
    The way we were
    The way we were, »

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Cheers!

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