Even if we want, we can’t avoid stress, because its part of our life, difficulties happens and we are reacting in to it, we worry, we get nervous, we are scared, this what is stress about. It’s like bad habit, always happening, doesn’t matter if you want it to be in your life or no, it’s here, what to do? Dont run away from it, accept it and deal with it.

О стрессе

Даже если мы хотим, мы не можем избежать стресса, потому что это часть нашей жизни, трудности возникают, и мы реагируем на это, мы беспокоимся, мы нервничаем, мы боимся, это то, что вызывает стресс. Это как плохая привычка, всегда происходит, не имеет значения, хотите ли вы, чтобы это было в вашей жизни или нет, это здесь, что делать? Не убегай от этого, прими это и разберись с этим.

À propos du stress

Même si nous voulons, nous ne pouvons pas éviter le stress, car cela fait partie de notre vie, des difficultés surviennent et nous y réagissons, nous nous inquiétons, nous sommes nerveux, nous avons peur, voilà ce qui est stressant. C’est comme une mauvaise habitude, toujours présente, peu importe si vous voulez que cela soit dans votre vie ou non, c’est ici, que faire? Ne fuyez pas, acceptez-le et traitez-le.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

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  1. Very good post, ilona madam. You are right. We need to face our fears and deal with it. Stress should not be avoided, but dealt with 😀 Nice photo of you and the cruise ship too!! Beautiful scenery which calms my mind.. 🙂 Thank you for sharing ^_^

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  2. Hello Ilona! That is so true, stress always comes into our lives, can’t stop that. And stress is always harmful to our health in some way. So the best thing is to deal with the stress and don’t allow it to take control of our lives. Personally I think one of the best cures for stress is spending time outdoors, just enjoying all the beauty around us with the singing birds, beauty of flowers, we need to concentrate on all the positive things around us but usually we want to concentrate on the negative things until that stress boils inside us. Great post Ilona! Have a great day!!😃🌞😺🌴

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  3. True.
    While stress causes some people to crumble, there are some mentally strong people who are able to thrive despite the added tension. In fact, they view adversity as an opportunity for growth. And that is exactly how we should be- never letting stress drag us down. When stressful situations arise, we must devote our efforts into doing what we can to move forward. Unfortunately, we can’t change certain circumstances, it is in those times where we have to refuse to allow a pessimistic inner monologue to take hold. Life can be stressful, and as you said it’s a part of everyone’s life. What we need to learn is how to deal with it in the most positive way possible.

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  4. Stress is a negative word. But isnt it positive and isnt it defines and shows you to the world how strong you are🤔. A rubber band was stressed and brought back to its original to check its strength. You learn two things, it is strong or u find what can make it strong if it split. Likewise stress comes in your life and u shouldnt break as it only test you how strong you are. ✨Stay Positive✨

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  5. You like look so stylish and stuff, I so have that dress in my closet but like it so doesn’t flatter my figure like yours
    Like so tots unfair…


    Stress; something amassing in the corners of our lives where conflict and tension grow with ugly effects reaching into the places we call safe
    The worse stressors are those outside your front door of which you have no control
    But sometimes the only way to gain peace is to fight, so if called for take a stand but know the limits of how far to push before it goes from productive to destructive

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  6. I try to look at stress at a different way and it seems to be working i sort of feel if it happens it happens, it’s not a lazy way or don’t care … it to me is i try to fix or pay for the problem but I’m not going to loose sleep over it any more.. the different approach to life in the word stress.

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  7. Stress IS A DisEase That Takes
    Living YearS iN Both Quantity
    And Quality my Friend As We
    Dance and Sing Wild and Free
    As All Animals Evolving as God NoW
    Children Wild And Free We LiVE LonG
    Prosper More iF We Sit STill EVeNTuaLLy
    We Rot
    in Silence
    too my FriEnd
    Dance Sing Do Now
    LoVE God LiGHT For Life
    Best my FriEnd thru DarK
    And LiGHT SamE Survive then Thrive
    Dance and Sing Do Dance And Song Best Now
    Yes Leave
    iN SeWaGE
    HoLES HoME ALoNE..:)

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  8. Absolutely Ilona 💕
    Life is full of obstacles, demands and frustration. And stress is very common in this situation. Personally what I feel is that stress may be very helpful and sometimes proved to be very dangerous. It can motivate us to do better, teach how to deal with the situation and perform our task more effectively in the given time under stress. But at the same time it is harmful as it can affect our health. Bad times comes in everyone’s life. It depends on us how we handle it.
    As you have said we can’t avoid it, we can’t run away from it. We have to accept it and deal with it.
    Great and motivating post Ilona 💕


  9. Stress is an attitude towards a situation. You are right, we have to accept the situation as-is and respond. More we watch our reactions to different situations, more we become aware of the negative behavior in ourselves and easier it is to change them. In addition, it helps to organize predictable things in our lives and that way we have mental space for all the unpredictable things.

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  10. Facing our problems is the first step to solve them, that’s so true! Stress is a part of our daily life but we don’t know that we might die any minute and we should enjoy instead of getting worried! Too bad, we’re not living, we’re surviving, most of us!

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