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yes to vaccines. yes to making an informed decision as to receive or not vaccines. 

vaccines not only can protect the one vaccinated, but those who have chosen not to be vaccinated. many people have been protected from such diseases as smallpox, polio, measles, mumps and rubella. all very devastating and very contagious diseases that in the past killed many people. flu vaccines have also saved many lives. 

if you think of the economic aspect, the small cost of vaccines over shadows the cost to treat those contracting the disease. 

without vaccines, people can be carriers of disease and not show symptoms. when Europeans traveled to the ‘new world” the native people were almost completely eradicated by such diseases as smallpox. talk about genocide! 

yes, some people may react to a vaccine and some have died. but the numbers of such are so small as compared to the numbers of people vaccines have saved. 

overall health of humans worldwide has improved because of vaccines.
some so called reports about the dangers of vaccines have been debunked as not being accurate and were made to defraud the public. yet those reports still show up on the internet. 

recently, here in the usa, there have been out breaks of measles all because people were not vaccinated or the vaccine was not effective. yes, sometimes vaccines even when given correctly, can not be effective. again that number is small compared to the numbers of people being protected.

thank you for doing a post on this and letting all to have the chance to respectfully voice their views.

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    1. Yes is this kind of topic, where you cant really talk normally, because people get angry easily on this one, some things is good some things is bad, others are between, well, i wont post similar post anymore, because i dont like debates😁

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      1. I answered comments on your post i hope this time they really went to the right place.. Other wise i dont know anymore it will look disrespectful from my side, which i didn’t leant to be❤️🤗

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      2. yes thank you dear, I answered them all and yes all id cool 🙂 don’t worry it wasn’t bad but I just respect the bloggers so I decided to tell you and to move the conversation, replying on comments can be confusing sometimes actually 😊💕

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