Having learned not to be angry with the environment, but only on ourselves, we will quickly avoid situations that will cause that anger. In the worst case scenario, we will stick to a series of relationships that will legitimise friends, partners and judge ourselves.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О гневе

Научившись не сердиться на окружающую среду, а только на себя, мы быстро избежим ситуаций, которые вызовут этот гнев. В худшем случае мы будем придерживаться ряда отношений, которые позволят узаконить друзей, партнеров и судить самих себя.

(илона пулианаускайте)

À propos de la colère

Ayant appris à ne pas être en colère contre l’environnement, mais uniquement contre nous-mêmes, nous éviterons rapidement les situations qui provoqueront cette colère. Dans le pire des cas, nous allons nous en tenir à une série de relations qui légitimeront les amis, les partenaires et se jugeront nous-mêmes.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

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  1. Anger, A wonderful Topic to post tons of wise blog. This is a confused state of mind. Your adrenaline will be at TOP. Your brain is hot, blood vessels pumping fast, Anything you do will end up bad. Avoid such situations first. If you have water nearby drink it keep you calm. Then react.

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  2. It is always a good idea to avoid situations that will cause anger if at all possible. Anger never helps anything and normally just makes a situation worse. It also ends up hurting us more than anyone. It isn’t possible to think clearly when angry so we often make bad decisions or choices when angry. Good idea to cool down first before reacting or making a decision about something, things will work out a lot better. Great post Ilona, have a wonderful day!!!😁🌞😸🌴

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  3. Скажу больше. И на себя сердится не надо. Вообще, сердиться не надо… и будет гармония.😁
    Say more. And angry at yourself is not necessary. Don’t be angry at all… and will be in harmony.

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  4. Hmm.. So You are a Bit Dangerous eh.. a Bit
    of ire Raised now and then to Stand Up For
    You Dignity and the such as that well well
    Welcome to Human Nature we do have a Back Bone
    for Fighting too which of course Anger Fuels too Anger
    may Lead to Passion for Positive Change too really nothing
    Ya Wanna Repress best to let it out in a constructive Avenue
    to Effect the Change
    that we would
    Like to
    See that
    made Us
    Get Pissed
    off in a First
    Place hehe.. true you
    could do Martial Arts but
    if you practice Beating Up Folks
    in the Ring that does move on over
    to the Human Side of Life too.. i believe
    it is Best to Spar with Inanimate Objects
    For it’s true once you Taste the First Blood
    it’s hard to go back to Domesticated Wolf hehe..
    Every once in a While i Spar Kick with my Toes
    with a Privet Bush just to Trim the Leaves with
    my Toe Nails excellent exercise in Balance and
    removing any Negative Emotions on the Poor
    Defenseless Privet Bush that pretty Silent on
    How my Toe Nails Feel to Trim all those Leaves
    anyway channel the Energy into Positive Passion
    From Anger And Anger for the Win my Friend Anger for
    the Alien
    too as
    Some Aliens
    Just cannot Get the
    Anger Removed from their Soul..:)

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