Miss me?😂🤗 ladies SOS, i have never done this kind of post, but look i colored my hair kinda blond and sun and salty water of the sea dried it off. What do you use to get them in shape? I dont feel like i should over pay for expensive products, which at the end doesnt works at all.

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  1. I suggest you following…
    Oil (sunflower, olive or any vegetable) – 1 tbsp.
    Liquid honey – 2 tbsp.
    Vinegar – 1 tbsp.
    How to make a mask:

    Mix all the components, divide the hair into partings and apply a mask first on the roots and then all hair.
    Wait 40 minutes in warm cap.
    Wash with shampoo.

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    1. Thank you, i like the colour, but damage is huge, they are so dry, i’m looking at the moment what kind of products i should use to get fast and good effect. Yes weather is great, but to hot outside🤗💚

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    1. Thank you for loving the look and for loving my dry hair😁❤️i’m worry what to do with them, they look dead, maybe i should use some hair masks, but i have no idea what is better, chemical ones or home made? Which brand i can trust? I dont want to damage them more💚

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      1. I’m worry, because summers here are super hot and still long way to go, also because is super hot i swim a lot, and salty water of the sea, damage even more🤗thank you for your advice, i will do it as soon i as i can❤️

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  2. Hi Ilona! Your hair looks amazing even when it’s dry. Very beautiful photo of you as well. I have heard that salt sea water can be hard on hair. You have a couple good remedies there to try, that sounds best. Chemical based stuff probably wouldn’t be a good thing to try. Hope you are satisfied with the results, enjoy your afternoon!😁🌞😸

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    1. Hello Steve, good to see you here, thank you so much for stopping by and for your support, also thank you for nice words, its very kind of you, well, i will try to make some home made hair mask and to see what will happen, i do enjoy my afternoon, how is yours so far? Don’t worry about readers you know old followers growing their blogs as well, they get more comments and answer more blogs to comment, have a wonderful day🤗

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      1. Hi Ilona, always nice to visit with you for a bit. Hey, just telling the truth there Ilona. Good idea with the home made hair mask. My day is going well, nice and sunny but a bit cool! Hard to believe this is July. I might go back down to the river this afternoon and maybe get more pictures. Well, I’m up to 434 followers now🤸‍♂️, but sure not getting many readers like usual, though today seems to be better, and I haven’t posted anything yet!😂Thank you Ilona!!!😁😸

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    1. Today i will do it and another suggestion from othet blogger as well, not sure if more is better, but they dry and the re summer just started thank for advice and for your comment🙂😎🤗

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  3. wow your hair color is soo pretty. I don’t use hair products so I can’t help you with that part. 🙂 🙂 I only have haircut rarely. I brush my hair maybe once a week. But I always wash it everyday. 🙂 What is your lippies? So pretty color.

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    1. What does it means lippies? Thank you so much, i already did mask of coco oil and another one, someone suggested me, home made mask, i did both they seems softer, but i think if i dont use it regularly they will look dry again:)💙

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      1. I use transparant lipgloss😏😏 and pink eye shadow, first i’m putting the gloss, after eye shadow and after lipgloss again it last all day until i wash it out. As i have many eye shadow simples what they gave me for free in sephora, i thought whats the point to buy many different lipsticks, so i bought normal transparant lipgloss and voila😂🤗🙂

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      2. Wow that is so smart. Never thought of that 🙂 🙂 i only have brown eyeshadows and I dont use them 🙂 🙂 I love liquid lipsticks because I need something that will last me for 12hours and nonretouch at all at work lol


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