Thank you dear Simon for nominating, i was very happy when i saw my blog on the list, so guys, Simon is very positive person and he likes healthy life style, he is huge supporter on the blogging journey and he has nice personality, give a follow and have a look on his content, he has really good sense of humour

Liebster Award 


  1. Say ‘Thank you’ to the Blogger who nominated you.
  2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions the blogger asked you.
  4. Nominate 11 lucky bloggers and make them happy.
  5. Ask 11 questions to your nominees.
  6. Notify your 11 nominees.

Random facts about myself

  1. I’m 1m72cm
  2. I’m an extravert and i cant control it, i always have to say what i think, i can get angry in 1minute and drop some bad oily words, which i will regret after.
  3. As fast as i get angry i can calm down in 1 minute as well, its something what i have to work on. I hate hurting people.
  4. I like animals.
  5. I hate debates i’m avoiding them, i think is waste energy and time.
  6. I’m alien, sometimes i’m just sitting outside and watching people and i see so much stupidity and nonsense around me, and than, i’m starting to wonder, am i really a part of it? By saying stupidity and nonsense, i mean, that people dont respect each other, teenagers telling to each other i will kill you, fighting for? Nothing, someone said something to someones girlfriend, because she was dating another guy, who was cousin of another guy, who was the neighbour of her aunt, which had a dog, by name Rudolph.
  7. I’m not perfectionist, but i like to keep my place perfectly clean, by saying perfectly i mean i did my best.
  8. I like to travel.
  9. I’m interested in other cultures and religions.
  10. I’m afraid of tickling.


  1. Is blogging your hobby or Job? Hobby, far away to be a job.
  2. How do you choose your content? I post whatever i have on my mind, i share what i like as well if i dont like something, i like to share thoughts in general.
  3. Who is your blogger inspiration, one person true from heart? I’m not someone who can always be inspired by the same person, my taste always changing, one day it can be Steve, next day it can be Hugutte, in a week it may be you.
  4. Did you ever liked blindly? If you talk about blogging, yes i did a lot of mistakes when i started blogging, but we all do mistakes, lets keep the past in the past. I learned from my mistakes.
  5. Do you simply comment, Or you read and comment as you mean it? When i started blogging i always read the content, because is not possible to write honest comment from the blue, but when the post was huge i read only half and i wrote my opinion about the part what i have read. I use to read posts, which i wasn’t interested about.
  6. Now i read only if i like the bloggers personality or i’m really interested into the content. So if we talk about moment now, yes i always do read the content and i write my honest comment, mostly i write positive comments, there is already to much negativity in this world.
  7. Do you workout, What else you do to keep healthy? I do work out a lot and i’m paying a lot of attention what i eat.
  8. Ever felt anxious about what others will say? No, never, they are not going to deal with my problems, give me a job or to pay my bills. Ofc i do care if may friends are telling me ilona i think you was wrong and is not the right thing to do, in this case i do care.
  9. Will you unfollow me if i give you an honest feedback on one of your worst blog? No, i wouldnt, but only if you would write it respectfully without being mean and rude.
  10. Which one is your favourite post? Hehe, dunno, really.
  11. Which one is your worst post?Oh, is a long story, but ones i had this huge misunderstanding with another women on her blog and i wrote a post just to make her angry and to do a payback, i already removed that post and now all is fine between us, but that one was the worst, i would never do that again.
  12. Who did you hate in your followers list, List them all? I dont hold anger, i can get angry in one minute, and in another minute i can laugh from the situation.
  13. When i’m angry i may say something very bad and rude, because i have to, i’m honest extrovert, if at the moment i think, that the person is stupid i will directly say it, if at the moment i want to have that person out of my life, believe me, i will say it. And i know i will regret it in the next 5minutes and i will apologies. I have to work on it, because i believe its wrong, i have to learn to control it.

Keeping the same questions, i will list my nomines tomorrow, not i’m going to sleep😁


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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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47 commentaires

  1. That was fast 😉 Congrajulations ilona.And for the kind words. You desrved this award. It was very interesting to read and know about you. It’s good to be short tempered and cool down in next min. That is a good quality, some hold the grudges for eternity and always grumpy and i see no use of it.😉 And you answered each questions clever and clear 🤗✨ You did great ilona✨

    Aimé par 1 personne

  2. Congrats ilona.. I just always liked your honesty and great answers you replied to questions.. You are my first inspiration in the field of blogging being a beginner… Thanks😊😊

    Aimé par 1 personne

  3. Hello Alien.. Another Alien here Perhaps
    An Alien who Stays A Child at Heart
    Perhaps An Alien who don’t do Adult
    Anymore cause i don’t have to Work
    for any System for Pay as those Days
    i buried long ago.. yep there are days
    it will be a bit frustrating really sort of fitting
    Everywhere into Us but not really fully fitting in any
    where else you know really fully belonging but true it
    seems now and then we are all feel like we are aliens feeling
    like we don’t belong true though We Aliens may have a Bit more
    Mercy for other Aliens as well true we’ve been there and done that too..
    Have Mercy
    Cried the
    Him Help Him
    Way Way Back Home..
    with that said it is 42C In Temperature
    Again Here today late into the After Noon
    With Fourth of July Fire Works that we will skip
    at the Down Town Park atop the Land i was raised
    on the River Front… Aliens are always Welcome at
    The Dance Hall Where there is AC out of what Really Feels
    Like an Alien Planet that is a bit too scorched these Days now
    for Human Outside Habitation.. hehe where i live at least now…
    What else oh yes Congrats for another Award keep ’em coming in
    Ms. Hugs fixing to take a Nap Before my 269th Week Night of Dance
    Only Hoping to Find a Parking place somewhere Down Town in the Bigger
    Metro City Area for Dance Hall Night Days again tonight.. if not i’ll walk
    a few
    Why not..
    Always the Chance
    to meet interesting People
    who may be Aliens everywhere
    i go in the World Too These Days..:)

    Aimé par 1 personne

  4. Oh my so I’m an inspiration 😀 I feel so humbled really and happy I can be some days such a great source of a very good thing like inspiration 🙂
    tickling?? hahah then pray you don’t meet me because i can tickle you to death just for fun 😀 😀
    It’s not easy when we get angry and then say bad things and then we regret but we can’t take back the hurt we did to others, it’s the worst part for me this is why I try not to speak when I’m angry, because I’ll make the most regretful speech ever!
    172 so you’re shrinking huh? haaha
    Congratulations for the many awards 🙂 ❤

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. You are🤗, yes i’m very scared of tickling i can laugh only by imagining it😁i should do same when i’m angry or nervous i should just go for a walk and to calm down before i talk. thank you so much yes, when i finished high school i m sure i was 175, last time i checked i lost 3cm, or maybe they checked badly.😁

      Aimé par 2 personnes

      1. I don’t get tickled haaha I remember my brother as kids he used to laugh before anyone touches him 😁
        Hope things will always get better and it doesn’t matter, your height is perfect anyway 🙂

        Aimé par 1 personne

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