In France they thinking about making any spank forbidden. I believe its a non sens, of course violence is bad and there is some limit but a little spank never killed anyone until its for the right reason and controlled. I got few when i was a kid and i believe i needed it because it was for serious reason. When a child never listen no matter what, if he put his life in danger, desrespect badly his parents or arm another kid, i believe its nothing bad to give a little spank to make him react and remember. Of course there is some horrible person in this world who beat kids badly and those people deserve to be in jail or even worst to me. But until its reasonable i believe this law is stupid, its not easy to raise a kid, and when you see the result with young generation, there is a lot of work to do to improve.

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    1. Little spank on of the booty:) you cannot do that, they will take children away if someone will see, that you did that, they will call for the police, you can lose your children:)

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  1. I agree with you Ilona! Spanking properly is a good thing, I was spanked as a child and I’m thankful my parents cared enough for me to do that. I think at times it is necessary, as long as it is done right, not like some people, as you said, who beat their children. Here people can lose their children if caught even with normal spanking and can even be jailed which is ridiculous. If people harm their children that is different, but proper spanking is not harming them, it’s helping them. Great post! Hope you are having a wonderful day enjoying the heat!!😁🌞🌴

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  2. I agree a little spanking teaches the kid to have respect for others, theirs no discipline in Britain now a days and the children run wild. When I was youngster if you were naughty you’d know to expect some kind of discipline and now their is none the kids think they can just do whatever they like whenever they like.

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  3. Absolutely Ilona!! I too spanked till now (very rare) .. yeah I do think that it at times it is necessary, when children are out of control.!! Yeah there are some people who beats the kids very harshly…this must not be underestimated..
    Great post!!

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  4. I totally agree with you! I also think it’s the fear of the possibility that you MIGHT get spanked, even if it’s a rare occurrence, is an important tool for a parent to use! It’s all about safety and learning how to follow rules. And you can spank without being abusive!
    But don’t get me wrong…as a former prosecutor, I worked hard to prosecute any child abuser! Thank you for sharing!

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  5. It is a fine line. Parents should be assumed responsible enough to raise their children the way they like, unless proven otherwise. But, the other side is that they could be frustrated people who could make life miserable for their own children. No easy answer. I think hitting or abusing anyone else’s children should certainly be banned everywhere.

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  7. One thing that was effective with me when I was growing up was making me write statements. Teachers and parents both did this. By the time I was finished, I knew how to write, spell and punctuate sentences like, « I will not hit my sister. I will treat her with respect. » This makes the kid think about why they’re being disciplined.

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  8. I read that smacking deprives the child of self-esteem. « If my loved ones are beating me, others can beat me. » Spanking hits the child’s psyche. For example, a child sees that adults are talking or shouting but they do not beat each other. Instead, they spank the child. So it’s less worth it, you can hit them. Spanking is a lack of arguments and self-control. A friend or colleague who annoys us does not spank us. Truth? The more I do not spank my child. I love, I talk, I translate, I teach. Until the effect 🙂

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      1. Ok 🙂 In Poland, since 1991, the use of corporal punishment has been forbidden, although many believe that a spanking is not a beating. But this is the use of force against a small child. Which he can not give back.
        My son is a wonderful treasure, I love him with all my heart, I respect him and I care. Nowadays it is not so easy to have a child, many women dream about it and can not have one. All the more I appreciate this little miracle 🙂 Have a nice weekend Ilona 🤗

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      1. Drawing on the walls, eating chocolates without permision, cutting hair of dolls, ones i spitted in to my father face, when i was6 because he didnt let me to play with the water, i got huge slap on my face, i will never forget this one:)

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  9. I spanked my kids on the back of their hands with my palm in public when they got out of control and I noticed in UAE people didn’t take offence. Most people spanked that way and the child behaved. They should limit the law to frustrated people who use their kids and even spouse to ease off stress.

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  10. Yes, I think spanking or beating up children only makes them hate us when we grow old and they become adults… So, advising them and perhaps, just looking at them in an angry or disappointed way is enough to make them listen. If still they don’t listen, then perhaps, a licensed child counselor can help.

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  11. I a modern society it becomes difficult with spanking, who will have the right to spank, your neighbor if they think your kid is naughty, grandma or just yourself?
    I’ll say it’s like any other laws you either do it or not. It’s like if you need to beat up another person to make your point, you probably have a problem of your own.
    I have 4 grown up boys and I can look back on all naughty bad things they did especially as teenagers, but I never felt the need of hitting them.
    Have a lovely day ☀️😊

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    1. As i dont have children i dont know would i ever spank them if they do something really bad or not. But spanking kids of other people its wrong for sure. Thank you for giving your honest opinion🤗😊

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      1. Oh my honest opinion is actually if a man feels the need of spanking either his kids or his wife to correct them, he is the one that needs correction, either by laws or by his own family, no more no less!

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  12. There is an old proverb that says « Spare the rod, spoil the child ». I agree with you that spanking a child is necessary to discipline him or her. Of course there are other ways to discipline a child but spanking done with love may produce the desired result.

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  13. What a beautiful and meaningful photo – our children are sometimes like spiky cacti!

    I do not know about this law in detail, but I am also against the use of physical methods of influence on children. I cannot say that I did not use them, but I am always ashamed in front of a child for the fact that I could not completely avoid this and use other measures of influence. The use of physical effects on children, in my understanding, is the weakness of the parents. And we must strive to avoid such measures.

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