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My cousin bought her baby an Ipad with little handles so it is easy for her to hold. The baby is not even 2 years old yet, she will be in September. Guess she is a toddler, but I still think that is too young for constant watching of Disney shows on that Ipad. When we are at restaurants the baby sits in Daddy’s lap staring at whatever Disney show they have her watching. At family events…watching that screen. Sometimes she will peak over the screen to look at other people around her but she acts very scared and only wants to be around three family members. She goes to preschool and has that, so at least she gets some social interaction but I feel all that screen time at such a young age is hurting her eyes and causing her to be fearful of others. I can’t say anything because they will all take it as an attack. I just try to buy her pretty board books and fun old fashioned pull toys and stacker cups to play with…Oh, and bubbles. All babies like bubbles. Poor thing she is still afraid of me, my husband, my children, other family members etc….but Minney Mouse she will run up to and give big hugs to.

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  1. I totally agree, that is just too young. Children really need that social interaction with real people at that age or they will have problems interacting with people as they get older. People seem to use these things more as a babysitter instead of spending the time themselves with their children and helping them grow.😁🌞😺🌴

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  2. The kid is too young to watch and the fear, only the parents should help the kid overcome the fear instead of giving ipad. People are using their tech on kids for what sake, only god knows 🤦. This has to be controlled. Gagets can be introduced to kid after a certain age to help the kid gain knowledge is totally fine. Some awarness have to be forced upon parents then this kind of behaviours will be controlled.

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  3. Sorry ilona for irritating you with such a weird question that I m gonna to ask you is that have you received my mail. I mailed you something on your gmail account a day before yesterday but haven’t get your reply yet.. So I wanna to ask have you received my mail… 😊😊😊

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  4. Same is happening here, they bring an Ipad before the milk! it’s really sad! And the mobile phone has become the ultimate gift for 7 or 8 years old child :/ this world is doomed and people should stop having kids like seriously

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    1. Yes and after some of them dont even how to communicate, they just keep playing on phone and they seems dont hear what other people are telling them, they disconect, i think its easy way to raise kids if we call it raising at all, parents can do other things while the child is offline from the world, they dont need to get annoyed by kids🙄

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      1. You are welcome, ilona madam 😀 Happy to support you! Thank you for supporting the Blog I write for too… Everything Horror Podcasts 🙂 I and my friends appreciate your comments and likes!! You are a genuine admirer of literary, film and gaming work!

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  5. Buying books and toys for your babies is a mindful thing to do as for mobile phone it is still a good thing only if he/she is always under guidance and time to use is highly regulated because too much exposure to mobiles at that age can be quite dangerous…

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  6. I wrote about this recently. I really think it’s changing society in ways we don’t even realize. Many in Gen Y already seem to lack basic social skills and don’t really like talking to people, so I cannot imagine what future teenagers will do when they’ve only learned to speak and interact with a few people. Also, it’s already recommended that there be no screentime for babies/toddlers.

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