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Stress is an attitude towards a situation. You are right, we have to accept the situation as-is and respond. More we watch our reactions to different situations, more we become aware of the negative behavior in ourselves and easier it is to change them. In addition, it helps to organize predictable things in our lives and that way we have mental space for all the unpredictable things.

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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    1. Been stressful two times in 6 month, i had two bad moments on my blogging journey, ones because of misunderstanding with another women, we had an online argument:D, at the end we both said sorry, we following each other and supporting now, but it was stressful moment, second time i had kinda argument with man, another blogger, because i didn’t liked the way he wrote he opinion, well, now everything is fine, we said sorry to each other as well:D, you know, if i’m wrong i’m not going to keep my arrogant nose high, i will always apologise as long as i see my fault and my mistakes:)

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