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I a modern society it becomes difficult with spanking, who will have the right to spank, your neighbor if they think your kid is naughty, grandma or just yourself?
I’ll say it’s like any other laws you either do it or not. It’s like if you need to beat up another person to make your point, you probably have a problem of your own.
I have 4 grown up boys and I can look back on all naughty bad things they did especially as teenagers, but I never felt the need of hitting them.
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  1. Thanks for sharing!.. I have children, grandchildren and great-grandchilren and I have yet to hit or touch in a hostile manner… 🙂

    “You are evidence of your mother’s strength… especially if you are a rebellious knucklehead and regardless, she has always maintained her sanity.” ― Criss Jami,

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    1. A swat on the fanny (nature’s shock-absorber) should be enough to get the point across . There is a difference between teaching actions and consequences and slapping someone around out of anger. Still, it should be a court of last resort. Where is balance? WHAT is the balance? Time Outs? Oh, thank GOD I couldn’t have kids.

      P.S. On an unrelated note, Thanks ILona , for LIKING my post « Oh Brother ». More editing needed.

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      1. Everyone has a right to believe what they wish, but I have yet to see a situation where a « swat on the fanny » were justified and it is still a violent act, especially in the mind of the child, while showing a lack of patience on the part of the adult… 🙂 there are plenty of consequences for ones actions without resorting to violence… one method is to have a intelligent conversation with the child to come to a mutual understanding of the issue and possible options… 🙂

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  2. The problem is, REASONING with a child is NOT always a solution because a) NO kid wants to be punished for what they do. b) kids are born manipulators, especially the cute ones. They know how to play the pity card or the « I promise I won’t do it again » bit.

    I GUESS the best solution would be to take away what the child NEEDS for a week or a month. NO INTERNET access for a week. By hour 2 of that week long punishment , the child would be like, « Swat me around all you want but don’t take away my internet! » 😨 (substitute with i phone or whatever techno gizmo the kids are into. ) The key is for the parents to STICK to that punishment. Because in the real world, if they get into REAL trouble, they can’t cajole Judge Judy into a lighter sentence. If kids learn the reality of actions and consequences/ crime and punishment in the home, then you’re less likely to get a phone call from the police when they’re 16.

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