When we was kids we always wanted to grow, to be big, tall, to become older fast as possible. Because we tought we will do what we want, nothing will be forbidden anymore so of course it sounded cool. But when you adult you realise how lucky you was, and how wrong you was. No big responsability, plenty of time to study, to do multiple activity, people who care about you. Seems to be much easier to be a child than a grown adult. Well of course life isn t pink for everyone but just the fact to don’t have to think about finance and have all the time to study and learn its just awesome. And now when you see kids they grow even faster than before, well they think they does. This is such a mistake and its sad than we realise too late, childhood is a great period of the life and deserve to be enjoy. Kids who grow to fast missed so many things, they will have plenty of time to be grown adult full of responsabilitys, to think about love, money and other things what shouldn t affect little kids. So do your best to warn kids around you, your kids or your future kids. But at the end they probably wont listen as we didn t, still worst the shot.

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  1. True Ilona… infact at times one feels it was better if one remained a child, where…life never seemed so serious..you never minded your OUTFIT..you know everything you wore was just okay…small things never mattered at all…. unlike when grown where you have to take care of each and everyone aspect…your wardrobe,makeup, friends and such…

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  2. Huhu! I can relate to this, Ilona. I sometimes find the hassle being an adult as a difficult thing. I do wish at some moment to be a kid again. Anyway, time passes, we need to conquer everything with open hearts I guess. Happy Sunday!

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  3. That is so true Ilona! Kids always want to grow up fast and you’re right, these days they are growing up even faster and missing out on a wonderful time of life. Kids should be kids and be able to enjoy their lives that way. The responsibilities of being an adult come along fast enough. Unfortunately a lot of times parents want their kids to grow up too fast as well, but that doesn’t help anything. We need to let kids enjoy their childhood which is short enough anyway. Great post Ilona! Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!😃😁🌞🌴

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  4. how true it’s amazing the years seem to go faster with kids and even faster with a grandson and even really fly every year with that word i don’t like to hear much now Happy birthday ..Hahahahaha Lol.

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  5. Very true.
    It’s a pity that kids in today’s world want to grow up so quickly. Once we reach the peak of our youth, and on the way to getting that shiny degree, that’s when we feel as if we want nothing more than to go back, go back to being a child when things were much simpler. Being a child is beautiful, and one should try never to lose the child inside them. I still own atleast a hundred stuffed toys, and it is so much fun!
    We should never be afraid to stop and smell the flowers- for once we move on, it is difficult to come back. “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”

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    1. Good evening Saania, exactly, i think at the right time you have to be at the right places, when i was a kid i wanted to grow up so fast, now i would like to slow down the time, sadly i can’t, it goes so fast💙

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  6. Hey Ilona! Kids have great time to learn and grow with all the fun. But current generation grow so fast. Because they get to know what they not supposed to know at a very early age. A kid of 3 year old is understanding a concept of what a 6 year old is about to learn. When we were kids, no smartphone no access to knowledge, no access to irrelavant junks and no SOCIALMEDIA. So we grew up watching other kids, and create our own games and the fun is unlimited, the memories of 80’s kid is far different from the memories of current generation right?. And these parents force the kids to know all the junks, learn singing be a super singer, learn dance be a michael jackson what kind of pressure are they putting on kids? They dont have a space to breath ! and the knowledge they get is unlimited nowadays. There are countries which is underdeveloped and you can find the real smart happiest people over there. I say is a BIG change needed. Kids should have fun and should grow the way they wanted with all the fun factors.

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    1. Good evening Simon, i think society has change a lot, and we cant go back to fix anything, but we can still teach and educate our children the way we think is the best for them, growing up to fast is not a good, think, when i was 13 years old, i had no idea how to use make up, now at 13 years old many girls are professional on this:D, i think i still was playing with dolls at this age or at least with barbie house:D, overtime i go out i observe a lot, i have seen really young kids like 13-14 years old i think it was couple, they was kissing in the corner of the bus station znf the guy was grabbing the ass of the girl, i mean at this age, seriously? They looked really young, maybe i was wrong, maybe they were older, but honestly i would give more than 16 for sure:), but we can jump in to youtube videos, when parents teaching young girls like 9 years old to shake ass, and to post it on youtube, i mean, its that alright? If she want to be a stripper one day, she will learn on her own, i dont mean to be rude, but for me is really something not normal, yes some people may call me old fashion, and they think is supper cute to post this kind of videos, honestly, if i will have a daughter, i would never ask teach her to shake her ass and i wouldn’t even agree to film it and post it on youtube.:)

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      1. Its true what we are seeing as the kids are now. 13 yrs old expert in makeup is good but dating? NO … 9 yrs old and what for a video like that? people are so free and open minded and i see they lost senses. May b a reason we are seeing many things with senses. Thank you so much for the time ilona✨🤗✍️

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  7. Yes, I totally agree. My both kids thinks they are grown up now and manage everything. Of course, I take pictures of dirty dishes, cluttered rooms, and over flown garbage to show them how much they are grown up.


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