Dont know about you, but i’m going to steal all these balloons and i will go for a fly😂🤣😍😎😋

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I'm here to post my thoughts and positive pictures❤️

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      1. Too cold today for cold coffee, it’s only 18. All that smoke has blocked out the sun completely so it’s staying cool. Hot coffee is what I need!!☕😁 Glad you are enjoying your weekend!! Careful of that casino!😂😁🌞🌴

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      2. Lol, i m not in to playing, never understood how someone can get addicted to lossing money, after such a hard work…😋🙂🤗
        just taking coffee with a friend and walking, we saw these balloons so i just had to take a picture😊😋

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      3. Yes, I know you were not playing, I remember that! Just had to say that with you standing there! 😂Yes, I agree, people work hard to get their money, then they toss it away at those places. Great picture in front of the balloons though!!😁📷🌞Keep enjoying yourself!!😁

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      1. Yes indeed, it has been good, although yesterday was very cool because of all the smoke. Today has been very nice though but some smoke still remains. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!! Hugs to you as well wonderful Ilona!!!😁💛🌙😀

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  1. Oh Lord Not only the Balloons but the Signs remind me
    of Going to the Casinos in Biloxi Mississippi in the U.S..
    5 Years most every Month we went there on a Tour Bus Rented
    by a Whole Big Group of Filipino Folks From Catholic Church as
    Bingo and Gambling is a favorite pass time amongst Catholics in my
    Area still.. nope not
    one Armed Bandits
    F me too much
    Math to understand
    the Dismal Statistics to
    Ever Really Beat the House
    so i entertained my Self with the
    Free RootBeer Machine and Danced
    the Beaches and Roads and Entertained
    the City for Free instead and haha.. some folks
    Recognized me all the way from Florida Dancing
    In Public even Yelling out i know you out of their Car
    Windows there.. i got a whole lot of wonderful Nature photos
    for my Blog in Over 60 Trips of Visiting those Casinos then and
    oh yeah if you are having to pull some Weeds i used to do that too..
    but not any more
    as it was actually
    102 Degrees F
    in the Record
    Breaking Heat
    today.. we will pay
    someone else to pull the
    Weeds and Cut the Lawn
    Meanwhile there is plenty of
    Air-conditioning to Dance with in
    All the Public Store Dance Floors so
    Smooth to Float and Glide on True.. and
    sure all You Can Drink Free Water as i am
    Always not only the one to Walk on Water on
    Terrestrial Land in a Dance of Float Like that
    but i tend to Cheap Skate and Free Load my
    Tour of endless Bliss as hey.. i give the Joy
    back in more than Multiples of 7 Still to
    day for Free as Long as this Joy Lasts
    As Long as my Spirit Flies oh so Free.. NoW..
    i Slammed my Finger in Between 2.. 100 Pound
    Iron Plates when Working-out didn’t know if there
    would be any Finger Left but yes success as it appears
    the Black and Blue is Finally Draining away one will Hope at Least now..:)

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