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What a beautiful and meaningful photo – our children are sometimes like spiky cacti!

I do not know about this law in detail, but I am also against the use of physical methods of influence on children. I cannot say that I did not use them, but I am always ashamed in front of a child for the fact that I could not completely avoid this and use other measures of influence. The use of physical effects on children, in my understanding, is the weakness of the parents. And we must strive to avoid such measures.

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  1. Every child and every situation is different. I think spankings are often a necessary form of quick and immediate punishment. Just one swat on the bottom, as an attention getter, to say you mean business. As a child, a received a few spankings, and believe me, I deserved them. The things I received spankings for, I never did again, that’s for sure. Spare the rod and spoil the child. A lot of these new « parenting methods » today, simply don’t work, and the kids know it. As an age group swim coach, I deal with a lot of these spoiled kids daily. They think they can do anything and there will not be any consequences at all for their actions.

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    1. Perhaps, if you commit this punishment with a cold heart, according to the planned decision, it does not entail negative consequences, so it is not accompanied by unnecessary negative emotions.
      But usually adults commit these punishments when their nervous system does not withstand the strain on the child’s behavior. Then they accompany these punishments with shouts and hysterics – and this very badly affects the establishment of a trusting relationship with the child.

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      1. There are an awful lot of bad parents out there, that’s for sure, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to disciplining your kids. However, the modern methods of just talking to your kids is NOT working. Parents NEED TO BE PARENTS, and they need to be the ones to make and enforce the rules, NOT the kids. I see these spoiled kids everyday, where they run the household and mom and dad just give in to their every wish and demand. These kids are growing up to be such spoiled and entitled brats that can’t or won;t do anything for themselves. Sometimes the hardest thing as parents is to discipline your kids, but it is necessary, and in the long run, everyone will turn out better and happier because the parents did so.

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  2. If you show the will to act to preserve the rules without crossing lines (hitting children is a no no), but make sure the rules are fair in the first place
    Then a simple reminder of what you have done and are willing to do should be enough to stop behaviour issues in the future, before teaching the child the art of negotiating by talking about it and finding a fair middle ground to prevent the situation happening in the again or in the first place

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    1. In my opinion, the threat of punishment does not allow to build a long trust relationship with the child. Unless, of course, we are talking about a slap, in which you do not inject anger, strength and negative. There are much more effective punishments if you want to prevent a situation from happening again and again. My children had the most « terrible » punishment for them was my real frustration with their actions – they understood that they did not justify my trust. And after a certain number of times, they did not do that anymore.

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