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The problem is, REASONING with a child is NOT always a solution because a) NO kid wants to be punished for what they do. b) kids are born manipulators, especially the cute ones. They know how to play the pity card or the “I promise I won’t do it again” bit. 


I GUESS the best solution would be to take away what the child NEEDS for a week or a month. NO INTERNET access for a week. By hour 2 of that week long punishment , the child would be like,  “Swat me around all you want but don’t take away my internet!”  (substitute with i phone or whatever techno gizmo the kids are into. ) The key is for the parents to STICK to that punishment. Because in the real world, if they get into REAL trouble, they can’t cajole Judge Judy into a lighter sentence. If kids learn the reality of actions and consequences/ crime and punishment in the home, then you’re less likely to get a phone call from the police when they’re 16.

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  1. Perhaps for young children, simple bans are the most effective measure. But for teenagers, everything is much more complicated and simple prohibitions are weak. We must learn to discuss these issues with them and agree on solutions.

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