I believe, that everyone knows the feeling of fear, when you scared of something, what is new, to fail. it can be destructive and reduce your possibilities in life, or you can take the best from it.

When you afraid to don’t succeed on any step of your life. Just fight it by giving the best from you. even when you think you gave it all, try harder and give you the best chance for success.

Everybody are scared about something, vertigo, bugs, there is tones of phobia. I believe every phobia can be fight. You will feel stronger by fighting them. it can take a day, a week or months but if you really want it you can beat them and you will end victorious from it.

Any kind of fear can be overcome. You just have to believe in yourself and to work on it. At the end you will become stronger, the success waiting for you.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О страхе

Я считаю, что все знают чувство страха, когда ты боишься чего-то, что нового, терпеть неудачу. это может быть разрушительным и уменьшить ваши возможности в жизни, или вы можете извлечь из этого лучшее.

Когда ты боишься не добиться успеха ни на одном этапе своей жизни. Просто борись, давая лучшее от тебя. даже если вы думаете, что дали все это, старайтесь изо всех сил и дайте вам лучший шанс на успех.

Все боятся чего-то, головокружения, жуков, есть признаки фобии. Я верю, что с каждой фобией можно бороться. Вы будете чувствовать себя сильнее, сражаясь с ними. это может занять день, неделю или месяцы, но если вы действительно этого хотите, вы можете победить их, и вы закончите с победой.

Любой страх можно преодолеть. Надо просто верить в себя и работать над этим. В конце вы станете сильнее, успех ждет вас.

(илона пулианаускайте)

De la peur

Je crois que tout le monde connaît le sentiment de peur lorsque vous avez peur de quelque chose, de ce qui est nouveau, d’échouer. cela peut être destructeur et réduire vos possibilités dans la vie, ou vous pouvez en tirer le meilleur.

Lorsque vous avez peur de ne réussir à une étape de votre vie. Combats-le simplement en donnant le meilleur de toi. même lorsque vous pensez avoir tout donné, faites plus d’efforts pour vous donner les meilleures chances de succès.

Tout le monde a peur de quelque chose, le vertige, les insectes, il y a des tonnes de phobie. Je crois que chaque phobie peut être combattu. Vous vous sentirez plus fort en les combattant. Cela peut prendre un jour, une semaine ou des mois mais si vous le voulez vraiment, vous pouvez les battre et vous en sortirez victorieux.

N’importe quel type de peur peut être surmonté. Vous devez juste croire en vous et y travailler. À la fin, vous deviendrez plus fort et le succès vous attendra.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

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14 commentaires

  1. You are so right Ilona! Fear can trap us and keep us from achieving our goals in life and really can end up making us very miserable. We should always work on overcoming our fears whatever they are and some take longer than others to beat, that is true. Great post and great encouragement for today!! Enjoy your afternoon Ilona!😁🌞😸🌴

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  2. Indeed.
    The most common reaction in a fearful situation is the attitude of, “I can’t!”
    This is the fear of failure that stops us from taking action. It is experienced physically, starting in the pit of your stomach. However, fear is an appalling emotion that undermines our happiness and can hold us back throughout our lives. And getting through our fears is a skill that anyone can learn. While curiosity may have killed the cat, it certainly won’t do you any harm when investigating your fears! I feel like getting curious about what thoughts generate your fear is the first step to actually overcoming it. Also, as you emphasised on the fear of ‘failiure’ as such, while it can be immobilizing, when we allow our fears to stop our forward progress in life, we’re likely to miss some great opportunities along the way.

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  3. Ugh Fear Just Fear
    The Four Letter Word
    that Starts With F that
    often Leads to Frustration
    Aggression Jealousy Envy
    Yes Even Violence and Potential
    World War Three Reducing the Whole
    Human Potential to Rubble where Nature
    Will Consume every Trace of Human Existence
    on this Planet within 300 Million Years as our Existence
    in the Fossil Record will last no Longer than A Tiny Nautilus
    Creature in the Sea Builds of Nautilus Shell Spiraling like the
    Milky Way so how Advanced are humans really not much if we
    cannot do better to Eliminate
    Illusory Fears and Live
    in Peace and Harmony
    In Verily surely Bliss
    and Nirvana More in
    A Dance of Song of Life
    that really Makes Light real
    in Shining Giving Sharing Loving
    Eyes yes Giving more than Taking Sharing
    more than Hoarding in Compersion more than
    Jealousy where everyone has enough Love to no longer
    Envy what others have too much.. shining Light Wonderous
    Light Evolution Orange now in Sight well at least for those
    of us who Seek it Find it Make Love A Reality Now without
    Consuming each other and the rest of Nature our Home
    Mother Earth with so much harm.. Humans have a lot
    of GroWinG uP to do together Again Reborn as LoVE iNCaRNaTE
    Holding Hands lifting up instead of down my Friend will we do it
    hAha may take a whole Army of ET’S LoVE iNCaRNaTE to influence
    this change above below of Love my Friend Creating Light more than
    the DaRK
    oF A Destruction
    of iS in our own Veils
    of Ignorance in original
    Greek Definition of Apocalypse
    that other wise means lifting the
    Veils of Ignorance Loving each other without harm more again..:)


  4. Ma plus grande crainte est de vieillir, alors je vais au-delà de prendre soin de moi physiquement et mentalement. Nous avons été conditionnés pour réagir émotionnellement à la « peur », lorsque la « peur » nous a été donnée en tant qu’outil de motivation.


  5. Fear : Fear is a gift ! it is an instict. That will alert you to do it more carefully. Fear will always trigger this  » i can’t now, I can’t » you can is what we must say in response to what our mind says and it is not easy. If wrightbrothers afraid of flying we could have not got an aeroplane. These are real life stories, every great thing hides behind the other side of fear ..✨✍️ Hav a good day 🤗✨


  6. I agree that we must try to overcome all fears. But it happens that phobias become so strong that it becomes difficult to overcome them. The help of relatives is necessary. And even sometimes psychotherapists.
    So it was this year with my fifteen year old daughter. We had to go to a psychotherapist to overcome her fears of going to school. And we succeeded.

    Согласна, что надо стараться преодолевать всякие страхи. Но бывает, что фобии приобретают такой сильный характер, что самому их становится сложно преодолеть. Необходима помощь близких. И даже иногда врачей-психотерапевтов.
    Так было в этом году с моей пятнадцатилетней дочерью. Нам пришлось ходить к психотерапевту, чтобы преодолеть ее страхи идти в школу. И нам это удалось.


  7. « everything you want it on the other side of fear » (Jack Canfield)
    when we are so afraid, means this can change our life but we’re too afraid and we always choose our comfort zone and this is destructive! when we face our fears, we can do anything we want!
    Phobias are different, they need professional help, they can’t be just faced and beaten…


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