People often wish each other happiness, happiness and happiness once again, that no cloud would dull the sky. They don’t understand what they wishing. Because personality matures only when faced with challenges and difficulties.

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  1. This is VERY true. We often forget that we are where we are due to a “lack of happiness”. Our struggles and challenges are our biggest teachers. Flowers are unable to survive without water. We too are very similar. We require a healthy balance, which includes a bit more than JUST happiness. We must take the good with the bad and make the best of it✨

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  2. That’s true, we need those challenges, storms and rainy days in our live too so that we can grow stronger along with the days of sunshine since both are needed to grow and mature properly in our lives. Just like in a garden, rain is needed and so is the sunshine in order to have the healthiest plants and get the most fruit. Works the same in our lives for sure. Great thoughts Ilona!!!😁🌞😸🌴

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  3. SMiLes.. i surely Agree as i love to Dance
    And Sing Flowers and Thorns Create
    the Entire Beauty of a Rose.. Life
    Is Like that we are not Evolved for
    Instant Gratification Challenge and Adaptation
    is the Way of Nature as we move Ahead Connect
    And Co-Create as Healthy Human Beings Together
    in Balance for Products that we need together that we
    really will touch and feel and sense more than just a Spread
    Sheet of Numbers
    my FriEnd.. true
    We Need Subsistence
    Shelter Reproductive Success
    and Help to Raise Children as they
    Come and Go too.. yet we also need Holy
    and Sacred Meaning and Purpose We Share together
    For Bonds as Binds we Do Together to get all of Life’s Jobs
    done from Subsistence to a Joyous Dance and Song together
    After a Full Stomach that we help each other get under Shelter
    that protects us from Diverse Environmental Elements of Challenge
    as Well.. true though
    all bets are a bit off
    now as Technology takes
    away so much of our reliance
    on each other that ‘normally’ will
    Motivate us to reach out and touch each
    other in Social Empathic Connections to Get
    Along For Survival or Do not Survive at all and surely
    A Dance And Song Gone Wrong True too.. Smiles my Friend
    i spent the Weekend at Three Diverse Homes of Life a Diverse
    Ethnic Group of Birthday Goers For Children in more of a Middle
    Class Environment and then a ‘Pure White Group’ of Folks more down
    home in Farm life too.. what that had in common is Water Slides for
    the Poorer Children and Water Slides for the more well off Children
    with Electronic Video Games on Big Screen too the common
    Denominator was the Children were playing together
    in some way or another and were very entertained
    in the present of now.. the Parents Talked
    And i watched and talked my Friend too
    as true my Degree is in Anthropology
    along with two more in Health Science
    and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
    And my Bible Long Form Epic Poem is
    Simply a Long Report and Prayer all about the
    Human Condition through Ages of Before as well as
    now my Friend.. People have more Diverse Interests today
    that separate them from others in common Tradition of bonds
    and binds today.. but true Bring out the Big Water Slide and
    Children Will Love to Move through Space in 3 Full Dimensions
    too.. and that too is why i Dance as Moving is a First Step to truly
    Connect and Co-Create without Fear my Friend as Fear still is the
    Medicine that poisons the most when only really illusory my Friend
    as we are only born innate with Two Fears of Falling and Loud Noises
    Still these are the most interesting days to ever live in particularly for
    those who make technology a Slave and are not Mastered now by
    it as
    my Friend
    to make the Best
    of all of what we have
    in Gratitude from dark thru
    light is surely a pathway through
    Struggle and Pain and Numb to attain
    Bliss and Nirvana in a Transient Hypo-Frontality
    Flow through Bio-Feedback Generating our own Happiness
    through the NueroChemicals and NeuroHormones we come
    to Master this way.. described now by Science as an Autotellic
    Real State of
    Being that is Happiness
    now oh yeah.. buy Low stay
    high our home was only 60K American
    Dollars when we bought it and our Honda Civic
    Coupe EX only around 20K American Dollars what’s
    the Difference between a Quarter of a Million Home
    or a Ferrari not much just a different Label and in our
    Case a Forest in the back yard instead of other bigger homes
    as we built our Great Home about 25 Feet by 25 Feet it doesn’t
    Get much bigger in a Home 3 times that size.. oh yeah.. not having
    Children for those who chose that route lends so many more Years
    of Generating Creativity in other ways where one may become
    Financially Independent at 47 Like me and my Wife at 37 as
    True our Home and Vehicle were paid off long ago too then
    too… the World is Populated enough with Human Beings
    Raping the Earth over all with their Cultures as the United
    States Consumes 40 Percent of the Pie of all of that alone..
    my Friend.. 1 Million out 8 of all Living Species of Animals
    and Plants to go extinct in the Next Several Decades through
    this Cultural Rape of living Mother Earth too.. if i verily will
    be Ecstatically happy now in both thorns and flowers of Rose
    and not add
    to that
    for the future
    even more to come
    with overpopulation of
    Humans more.. i will i do
    i am my Friend no need for me to Grow up now still hehe…
    The Age of the child has been predicted for many Years
    Where Peter Pan and others like him will be the New
    of Love
    in Creativity
    more than spitting
    out Babies left and right..
    the other longest way of Creation
    now.. plenty of people to volunteer
    for those duties still and that likely won’t change much..:)

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  4. Hey Ilona! Should i agree or disagree? Personality matures only through hard times! Agree ! And people dont understand what they wishing? Hope you dont mins what i feel. From my point of view, People wish happiness to someone « happiness » because we dont know what other person feels, When they are sad or in a deep sorrow our wish of happiness will pull them out of dark time. We cant wish sadness or tough time to a person so happy, it is so rude. Hard time comes, its natural and people learn from it. But keep wishing happiness, So people comeout from their hard times and move on. ✨Stay Happy ✨🤗.. An interesting topic ilona ✍️

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  5. Maybe I am wrong. But I like that people wish each other happiness. Problems and difficulties will come to them themselves, without any wishes. But I agree that the personality is formed through overcoming obstacles. Passing a new lesson, we climb a step higher.

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  6. I disagree with you, we wish each other’s happiness, means to be happy despite everything, happiness doesn’t means there are no problems, everything is perfect, happiness is being happy with what you have, accepting your problems, the glitches in your life, the imperfections in you and manage to be happy! Acceptance and gratitude make you happy, peace of mind makes you happy not the lack of difficulties certainly 🙂


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